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Compressed Air Piping

Which type of piping best suits my compressed air system?


  • Ingersoll Rand has innovated SimplAir - a market-leading piping solution
  • More effective and better quality than any PVC or Rubber Hose alternatives
  • Innovative corrosion and leak-resistant marine-grade aluminium construction


For most businesses and industries, compressed air is a fundamental part of operations, making the quality of the parts and accessories you choose even more critical. This ideology not only refers to the external or add-on accessories available for your compressor systems but also arguably the most crucial piece of framework within your solution - piping. Piping is heavily responsible for the efficiency and durability of your compressors, with bad piping capable of causing contamination and blockages, leading to low-quality air and delays.


PVC and Rubber Hose Piping Systems:

Most people will choose either PVC or rubber hose pipe systems as they are readily available and trusted by consumers. However, both of these types of piping systems are heavily flawed in their ability to ensure the longevity and durability of your compressors, as well as the quality of air produced.


PVC piping, whilst being a common solution, has its dangers regarding its sustainability. Over time, it becomes brittle, leading to cracks and damage in your air compressor system. If you combine this with the air under such high pressure within the pipes, you are at risk of irreparable damage due to sharp shrapnel and debris. Most importantly, the use of PVC is an OSHA violation that could lead to substantial fines.


Rubber Hosing is a popular temporary piping solution used in water and other fluid environments to transport gases and gaseous environments to transport liquids. However, it is the least cost and energy-efficient option. Structurally, due to the hose not being rigid, you will see a severe pressure drop which can have unsatisfactory outcomes on your systems processes. In addition, as the rubber in your piping system breaks down over time, your hoses will start to create an odor due to the rubber eventually finding a way into your products.


Our SimplAir Piping solution:

At Ingersoll Rand, we noticed these defective options. So we decided to innovate our piping solution to defy industry standards and offer a hassle-free, high-quality system that ensures customer and compressor satisfaction! Our Ingersoll Rand SimplAir piping solution integrates marine-grade aluminum construction, market-leading corrosion resistance and recyclable piping material into a lightweight, cost-efficient system for you.

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The Benefits of Our SimplAir Piping Solution Compared to its Competitors:


  • Corrosion resistance to keep pipe interior surfaces free of the oxidation-based contamination that can occur with steel systems. This contamination can cause turbulence, pressure loss and can also result in corrosion-related debris entering sensitive equipment.
  • An all-metal system, which is scientifically proven to be safer and more reliable than plastic.
  • The more economical choice - easy assembly, lightweight components, and leak-free fittings all combine to reduce the likelihood of required replacements or repairs, making it a more cost-effective solution.


Our piping solution is also easy to install and modify with push-to-connect fittings for a variety of different sizes:


  • 14 mm piping is true push-to-lock fittings
  • 20-40 mm piping is pre-torqued
  • 50 mm and above piping needs to be pushed and wrench tightened


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