Ingersoll Rand Engineered Solutions umbrella encompasses four prestigious brands, each with great reputations: Emco Wheaton, Nash, Garo and Ingersoll Rand Engineering Project Solutions.

Our strategic brands are synonymous with reliability. Our mission is to design in bold, develop, deliver and help to manage complex projects with the most trustworthy Engineered Solutions allowing our customers to succeed. We are here to let our partners lean on us to solve all their project challenges.

To achieve this, we work hard with all our brands to provide the right tailor-made solutions that will meet our customers’ unique flow requirements and offer them full support throughout their project’s lifecycle.

Why choose our custom-engineered solutions? 

  • Experienced Team
  • Expertise
  • Safety
  • Support
  • High Quality
  • Increase Profitability

We quickly became experts in the engineering, configuration and design of custom-engineered solutions. Every day we use our extensive knowledge of liquid ring technology to support customers throughout every step of the project: from the concept/FEED study to the start-up of the system. We also provide customer care and assistance on a long-term basis through our global network.

Your Choice for Industrial Engineering Projects

Ingersoll Rand Engineered Solutions is a global business leader that provides air and gas compressors, pumps, air treatment, and nitrogen packages and loading solutions using extensive application expertise, and experience managing complex industrial engineering projects. Managing the most complex projects around the world with cutting-edge technology, we are always focused on making our customers successful. 

Proven Industrial Engineering Project Experience 

With hundreds of customized senior design projects successfully completed, and in progress over recent years, Ingersoll Rand Engineered Solutions has become the natural evolution for a series of brands and has become a key global partner recognized by the majority of EPC contractors. With reliable products and services, our team is there when you need them providing you with top-notch and efficient real-time support throughout the entire project. Thanks to the experience of our partners and brands, Ingersoll Rand is capable of understanding client-specific needs and requirements to be with you throughout every step of your project’s life cycle. We can quickly design the most effective customized solution giving you Total Peace of Mind. 

Industrial Engineering Projects Examples

Nash Delivers Power Megaproject in Record Time

Natural Gas-Fired Power Plant (Egypt) 

Customer: Leading Power Company 
Products: 12 engineered-to-order recycle packages with 24 Nash 2BE1303 single-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps 
Application: enable the crucial condenser exhausting process 

Customer Benefits

  • Strict deadlines compliance 
  • Each package was engineered to not only meet process specifications and performance requirements outlined by the project team but also the provided the small footprint required by each plants design 


Maximum Efficiency with Minimum Environmental Impact 


Refinery (India) 

Customer: Indian Refinery 

Products: Flare Gas Recovery Package, 2 AB 1500 

Application: Flare Gas Recovery 


Customer Benefits: 

  • Return on investment after 9 months
  • Demonstrated social and environmental responsibility
  •  Easy return on investment
  • Lower emissions 

Emco Wheaton to supply loading equipment for Propane Export Terminal 


Propane Export Terminal (Canada) 

Customer: Energy infrastructure company 

Product: E2025 Emco Wheaton boom and bull horn LPG top loading arms. 

Application: loading and unloading propane 


Customer Benefits: 

  • Safe, reliable, trouble-free solution
  • Reduced the risk of unplanned downtime and prevented product loss
  • Help the terminal realize further gains in efficiency and get the most out of their equipment. 

Ingersoll Rand Engineering Project Solutions (EPS) Provides Tailored Air Skids for Combined Cycle Power Plant 


Combined Cycle Power Plant (Israel) 

Customer: global leader in power generation 

Product: 4 Oil-free compressors D110-10A / 4 Heatless adsorption dryers A250TXT + pre/post-filters / Air receivers 7000L / 2x11 meters common skid / Interconnection piping / Fully redundant PLC based control system / Electrical cabinet for internal power distribution. 

Application: Instrument and Service Air 


Customer Benefits: 

  • Instrument and service air with a reduced/ optimized footprint. 
  • A Plug & Play solution: few terminal points to connect at the site, allowing for easy installation and start-up.