Heavy Duty for Heavy Equipment

Manufacturing and servicing heavy equipment is not possible without having access to the right tools that will allow you to get your work done in an efficient and effective manner. Make sure you are using solutions which provide the required power, reliability and durability for maximized performance and reduced downtime and costs, while also guaranteeing ease of installation and use as well as boosting operator safety. We offer a comprehensive range of highest-quality products for the sector – including impact wrenches, torque multipliers, hoists and balancers – that will cover all of your heavy equipment manufacturing and maintenance needs.

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Cordless Impact Wrenches

Cordless Tools

Get rid of the power cord, but don’t give up any of the power. Our cordless tools get the job done every time.

W9691 1” Cordless Impact Wrench – the world’s most powerful 1” cordless impact wrench. Delivers the power of air (3,000 ft-lbs of torque) a full day’s work with the ability to drive 250 bolts per charge!



W9691 1” Cordless Impact Wrench


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Pneumatic Impact Wrenches

Quiet Tools

Benefit from the market-leading performance and durability of Ingersoll Rand’s innovative line of quiet tools, while also boosting operator safety and comfort at your plant. We offer a highly reliable solution that will deliver the power you need and help significantly improve the working conditions of your employees at the same time. Our patented Quiet Tool technology reduces the sound levels caused by air pulsating through the impact motor, without compromising our best-in-class torque levels. All the power, without all the noise? Why not?

2145QiMAX 3/4” Impact Wrench

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2235QTiMAX 1/2” Impact Wrench

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2155QiMAX 1” Impact Wrench

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Heavy equipment manufacturing and maintenance is made easy with our advanced assembly solutions and powerful lifting equipment

Heavy Equipment Bolting Solutions

Cordless Bolting Solutions & Precision Fastening

Reduce bolting time and expense while ensuring repeatable accuracy for all your torque-critical joints. Our popular QXM torque multipliers give you control, comfort, and the ability to set up to eight programmable configurations per tool.

INSIGHTqcx™ Multi-Tool Controller (MTC)

The INSIGHTqcx™ Multi-Tool Controller (MTC) can support up to 6 tools and 1,536 jobs. INSIGHTqcx with MTC has the ability to store 500,000 tightening records and traces—including torque, angle, date, and time. 

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Hoists & Balancers

Custom Lifting Solutions

For years, we have delivered reliable custom lifting and pulling solutions for all types of operations. Our engineered-to-order products are safe and cost-effective to operate and can increase productivity as well as operator comfort. Design the optimal solution for your needs now!

Control & Reliability

Bring outstanding control, reliability, durability and safety to all your lifting jobs. With capacities from 125 kg to 100 tons, we’ve got you covered.

Heavy Equipment Hoists and Balancers

 Ingersoll Rand tools are assembled with pride and sold with confidence: Most are backed by a one-year or three-year limited warranty. Learn all about how we proudly stand behind our products.