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We know sometimes you have questions you cant find the answers to on your own, and thats OK. We're here to help. Our customer support, warranty, technical and repair network are committed to getting you the answers you need to get back to work. Contact us or navigate to the necessary information through the below links.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the standard Ingersoll Rand Power Tools Warranty?
The standard warranty is a 1 year limited warranty for repair or replacement.

What is the warranty for my tool?

Ingersoll Rand offers a variety of warranties to cover the wide range of Power Tools products. Go to "Warranty Support" for a breakdown of the warranties offered for our product categories.

My tool isn’t working, what do I do?
Bring the malfunctioning tool/part to a local Ingersoll Rand Authorized Service Center to have it inspected. If it is a warrantable the service center will repair or replace your tool/part and file a claim on your behalf

How do I find an Authorized Service Center?
To find the closest Ingersoll Rand Authorized Service Center in your area click on "Product Repair" or click on "Find a Distributor" on the top of the page.

What do I need to obtain warranty coverage?

All you need is the tool/part and a proof of purchase to validate the warranty period.

Does Ingersoll Rand offer an extended warranty?
a. No, Ingersoll Rand does not typically offer extended warranties. Some distributors will offer their own additional warranty plans, check with your local Authorized Ingersoll Rand Distributor to see if they offer extended coverage.
b. Occasionally Ingersoll Rand will offer extended coverage promotions on specific product lines, contact your local distributor or Ingersoll Rand Sales Representative to check our current offers.

My tool is out of warranty, can I still obtain service?

Yes, Ingersoll Rand Authorized Service Centers also offer standard repair and maintenance services beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

How do I purchase Ingersoll Rand parts?
Ingersoll Rand genuine parts are only available through authorized Dealers/Distributors. Click "Find a Distributor" to find the closest Ingersoll Rand Authorized Dealer/Distributor to you.

Where do I find Technical Support and Product Information for my tool?
Click "Technical Information" to access product manuals and technical publications

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