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Air Compressor Oil

What type of oil should I put in my air compressor?

  • Which type of oil is best suited to your air compressor?
  • Why choose Ingersoll Rand Genuine OEM Oils over Third Party Alternatives?
  • Our range of OEM Oils 

The key to ensuring your air compressor system can operate at its most efficient, wherever and whenever you need it to, is all in the oil. Optimal performance is dependent on choosing the right oil for your specific solution. Our experts at Ingersoll Rand are fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise to consciously cater our lubricants and coolants to optimize the productivity of your compressor. This allows for reliable performance and decreased maintenance costs due to less need for replacement. 

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Ingersoll Rand Genuine OEM Oils vs Third Party Oils:

Our wide range of genuine OEM air compressor oils has many benefits besides the obvious lubrication they provide. Some of these include the ability to withstand high pressures and temperatures and a long, trusted life span.

However, their most significant benefit is that they have been designed, manufactured and approved to work efficiently and reliably, hand in hand, with our compressor systems. Although potentially more expensive than third party alternatives, long-term, they promise high-quality oil, eliminated risk of contamination and longer compressor life. By choosing the products specifically tailored to your Ingersoll Rand air compressor solution, you guarantee yourself higher efficiency, productivity and performance, enabling your operations to run seamlessly. In comparison, the commitment to third-party oils can create the risk of higher maintenance or repair costs due to them failing to integrate correctly with your system's operation.

Our Range of Oils:

Ingersoll Rand not only offers a variety of lubricants and coolants but supplies them in a multitude of sizes to make them more flexible for your operations. Our part numbers indicate these sizes:

97338131 = 5 liter bottle 
38436721 = 1 liter bottle 
38426739 = 12-pack of 1 liter bottles
38441036 = 4-pack of 5 liter bottles 

So, which of our oils should you use in your air compressor? Well, that entirely depends on the model of your compressor solution. Below is our recommendation of which of our lubricants work best with each type of air compressor system. 

Contact-Cooled Rotary Screw Compressors & Oil-Free Units (notably our Sierra and Nirvana models) - Ultra EL (our longest-lasting oil, with a lifetime of 3 years) or our Ultra Coolant oil which thrives in even the highest temperatures.

Rotary Screw Compressors for Food Grade Applications - our Ultra FG is a high-quality H1 and NSF certified food grade lubricant that eliminates the risk of contamination and ensures a sterile working environment.

Large Reciprocating Compressors - XL-700 oil due to its ability to operate at standard pressures and ambient conditions.

Small Reciprocating Compressors - IR All Season Select oil is perfectly suited to these systems due to its synthetic, all-temperature blend, offering flexibility, reliability and reduced wear.

Water-cooled Reciprocating Compressors - our XL-740HT oil is optimal for water-cooled systems as it can withstand high pressures and elevated ambient conditions.

T30 Compressors - for these systems, we would recommend our XL 300 or, for higher pressures, our XL-740HT, both of which promise extended compressor life.

Centac Compressors - our Techtrol Gold is specifically designed for our Centac centrifugal compressors, promising a match made in heaven.

Please contact us here for more advice or information regarding our air compressor oils.



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