Air Compressors for the Aerospace Industry

Compressed air plays a fundamental role in the aerospace industry, predominantly for aircraft building, meaning stringent safety standards must be met. Ingersoll Rand offers a range of expert compressed air solutions that not only help you increase your production but help you minimize resource costs in aerospace maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO). Trust us for an efficient, reliable solution that ticks all of your boxes!


Mission Critical Compressed Air Solutions for Total Air Purity

Ingersoll Rand's oil-flooded compressed air solutions offer maximized reliability and efficiency with their advanced Optional Total Air System (TAS), which guarantees clean, dry air in a single package to ensure you're ready for takeoff. We understand the importance of the quality of air delivered, which is why this solution has been designed to improve ISO air quality without compromising the productivity of your aviation & aerospace technology.


Compressed Air to Build Your Reputation on

Aircraft manufacturers within the aerospace industry rely on compressed air for pressure and vacuum solutions to increase the efficiency of their manufacturing plants. The amount of compressed air needed varies throughout the industry; however, one factor remains consistent – the need for high-quality, reliable air. Choose Ingersoll Rand for a solution that can speak for you!


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Increase Production & Minimize Costs in MRO


Ingersoll Rand solutions are also designed to enhance your productivity whilst also minimizing MRO costs which are made possible with our expert CARE maintenance agreements.


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Ingersoll Rand's unrivalled oil-flooded solutions have been cleared for take off! Our range of systems ensures optimal efficiency and air quality.


A Lot Riding on the Quality of your Compressed Air

We understand that there is no room for error within the world of aerospace manufacturing, and there is a lot riding on the quality of your compressed air. This is why we have used our expertise to create a range of technologies which have undergone thorough research, development and engineering.

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Due to the vital role air plays in aircraft building and other aerospace operations, it's important you find a solution that promises only the best air quality. Our aim is to increase your production of compressed air whilst minimizing resource costs. This is made possible by our innovation and development of world-class oil-flooded technology ideal for use in demanding environments and perfect for the aircraft engineering and aviation industry.

How can you make sure the quality of your air passes with flying colours? By choosing us, you have access to market-leading technologies that promise consistent, reliable air, as well as our expert CARE maintenance agreements and performance services. We understand that there is a lot riding on the quality of your air, especially within the aerospace industry, which is why our services are tailored to enhance the productivity of your operations.

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