CT series self-contained compressor packages – Compatibility and performance in one package.

CT-series compressors are our most pre-made OEM compressor products. CT is otherwise a complete compressor but lacks a starter, hence CT -compressors are easy to integrate in variety of compressed air applications and control interfaces. Our CT compressors are self-contained compressor packages and they're available in electric and hydraulic driven versions including a fully pneumatic capacity control. CT portfolio has solutions from 5.5 to 75 kW (0.73m3/min – 12.2m3/min). Inside CT is Tamrotor Enduro air end with integrated oil separation system - the heart of the compressor, which is built to stand the test of time. When you don't need to build your package from a scratch and you want to have an easy and almost ready to run solution - CT series is your choice.

Tamrotor CTN3

CT products are designed especially for mobile applications, for example mining and construction equipment and service vans. They have also been proved to work in harsh applications: from deep underground to thin air altitudes, extreme cold to the hottest and the most humid environments, dust, vibration and tilting. They are as much at home working in deep underground as they are in the mountains. Integrated screw unit Tempests and CT series operate at angles up to 22…30 degrees.


Key benefits


  • Steep operation inclination angle
  • Compact unit allows installation in numerous applicatios
  • Compact and easy to use solution
  • Lifetime reliability
  • Cleaner air with Tempest oil separation
  • Less after-treatment required
  • Economical air production with Enduro air end

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