The Heart of Champion Screw Compressors

You may already know that Tamrotor OEM compressor products are used in various different applications from mining to firefighting. Did you know that Tamrotor is also a great partner for compressor package manufacturers? Today we're happy to tell you about our long partnership with Champion, who are known for "Big on Quality and Champion on Price".

champion family

This year will be a busy year for Champion, with the new FM series of 90-132 kW rotary screw compressors being launched. In 2020, Champion will also have a series of product training sessions for their distribution network, product roadshows, exhibitions and campaigns. For this article, we interviewed Vincent Blower, Champions Sales Director in the EMEAI region.

Champion manufactures compressor packages and portable solutions using screw, piston, rotary vane, and scroll technologies. Champion delivers compressed air for an extensive range of applications, including pneumatic conveying, spray guns and other air-powered tools and equipment. Champion's rotary screw compressors are available in both fixed and variable speed. Champion’s oil-lubricated, single stage rotary screw compressors provide pressure ranges from 5 to 13 bar, in models covering 2.2 kW to 132 kW. Featuring an energy efficient air end design, the units are fitted with user-friendly C-PRO 1.0, C-PRO 2.0 and Pilot TS controllers to ensure that the screw models deliver consistent, high-quality and efficient compressed air.

The cooperation of Champion and Tamrotor started around 1995. Tamrotor air ends were chosen due to the good reputation, quality and after-market support. Champion and Tamrotor are a perfect match because of the same keystones: reliability and performance. The air end is a critical component in compressors and having a group air end inside the compressor, provides Champion with a key benefit to their distribution network. "Tamrotor provides Champion great quality air ends which are essential to ensure the optimization of “Heart of the Compressor”, concludes Vincent Blower.

Thank you Vincent and Champion for your cooperation. We were happy to hear that you appreciate our high quality and service and are as pleased with our cooperation as we are. We wish that we can continue our great partnership for the next 25 years and beyond!

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