Key Features of Emco Wheaton Bottom Loading Arms for Biogas Transport

Unveiling the Critical Role of Emco Wheaton's Loading Arms in Safe and Efficient Biogas Transfer

Key Features of Emco Wheaton Bottom Loading Arms for Biogas Transport

Emco Wheaton's bottom loading arms are exceptionally well-suited for biogas plants, ensuring the reliable and safe transfer of renewable natural gas. We offer a comprehensive range of loading solutions designed specifically to meet the requirements for loading and unloading biogas, as well as various other liquid and gas products. 

In this blog post, we will delve into the concept of bottom loading arms and explain why Emco Wheaton's solutions play a vital role in ensuring the safe and efficient loading and unloading of biogas. Additionally, we will explore the applications where Emco Wheaton loading arms can provide solutions and highlight their numerous benefits, which can contribute to the success of your project.

What Are Bottom Loading Arms?
Bottom loading arms are mechanical structures designed to load and unload at the bottom of trucks or railcars. These systems comprise of rigid pipes, swivel joints for flexibility, and additional loading accessories. Common specifications for bottom loading arms include diameters ranging from 2 to 4 inches, pressure ratings up to 50 bars (class 300), operating temperatures typically ranging from -164°C (-46°C) to 200°C, and materials commonly used such as stainless steel, low-temperature carbon steel, or regular carbon steel.

Bottom loading arms are located close to the ground and can be customized to meet the exacting requirements of industries involving the loading of petroleum and chemical products, including compressed natural gas (methane), LPG/NGL (propane/butane), and compressed biogas (CBG). 
Emco Wheaton's bottom loading arms provide suitable solutions for biogas plants.

Bottom Loading Arms for Biogas Plants
Biogas can be liquefied (temperature depending on composition – methane, butane, propane, etc.) or pressurized or both for cargo transfer. The Emco Wheaton bottom loading arms are used is CNG/LNG Filling Stations: for biogas plants that produce bio-methane suitable for vehicle fuel (Compressed Natural Gas or Liquified Natural Gas), loading arms are used to fill CNG or LNG transport vehicles, such as trucks or buses.


Emco Wheaton Bottom Loading Arms: The Right Choice
Emco Wheaton Bottom Loading Stations and Bottom Transfers are the ideal options for biogas transportation. 

  • Bottom Loading Stations: Loading arms used in bottom loading stations are specifically designed to load products where vapour return is necessary. It is well-suited for the bottom loading or unloading of tankers equipped with flange connections or couplings. The loading arm boasts an extended reach, making it suitable for applications where precise positioning of the tanker's connection flange is a challenge. Two bottom loading arms (one for liquid, one for vapour return) can be combined into a bottom loading station. Thanks to the robust and high-quality design of the swivel joints and the precise balancing, handling the loading arm is both accurate and effortless.
  • Bottom Transfer Loading Arms: Bottom transfer loaders offer an extended reach, making them ideal for situations where precise vehicle positioning is a challenge. Equipped with a super smooth spring-loaded cylinder balance, they are easy to adjust, and feature heavy-duty capacity swivel joints, allowing these arms to reach further without requiring additional support. Emco Wheaton's standard loading arms include durable swivel joints and a robust low-profile joint with a 5-year limited maintenance warranty. Various seal configurations and elastomers ensure long-lasting performance tailored to specific applications. The spring-loaded cylinder balance provides up to 50 degrees of vertical movement for effortless handling and alignment, and it can be conveniently parked out of the way when not in use.


Emco Wheaton Bottom Loading Arms Benefits
Emco Wheaton Bottom Loading Stations and Bottom Transfers offer multiple benefits:

  • Safety: As the process takes place on the ground, bottom loading arms are inherently safer and designed to minimize the risk of spills and accidents during the loading and unloading process. They provide better control and reduce the potential for human error.
  • Efficiency: Bottom loading arms are typically faster and more efficient than top loading methods, as they allow for simultaneous loading of several tank compartments, increasing speed and efficiency of loading.
  • Environmental Protection: By reducing the chances of spills and leaks, Emco Wheaton bottom loading arms help protect the environment by preventing contamination of soil and water sources.
  • Reduced Vapor Emissions: Emco Wheaton bottom loading arms are easily adaptable with vapor recovery systems used to capture and control volatile emissions, contributing to better air quality and compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Easy to use: These loading arms are designed with operator comfort in mind as they reduce the physical strain on workers and provide a more ergonomic and user-friendly solution.
  • API RP1004 standard Compliance: Emco Wheaton’s selection of bottom loading arms conforms to the API RP1004 standard. Each arm is designed for safe and reliable loading of tank trucks, rail cars, or any other vessels with sealed connections.

Our commitment lies in offering adaptable and top-quality engineering solutions that are precisely tailored to meet the unique technical prerequisites of your specific application.

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