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Ingersoll Rand takes pride in providing craft food & beverage masters with a wide variety of compressed air system solutions to meet any operation size and set-up. From oil-free to oil-flooded compressors, we have what you need to run your operations smoothly.



No matter if you are just getting started or if you are expanding, Ingersoll Rand has the right compressed air system products to match your passion for craft so you can provide your customers the best experience out there!

Craft Food & Beverage, such as brewing beer, creating a unique experience with wine or other drinks, brewing your own coffee from coffee trees you planted yourself or either fabricating candy or organic food is a skill. Understanding your needs is our motivation for excellence! Ingersoll Rand gives you the confidence that your compression system will solve problems other air compressors cause, giving you the power to build your brand and your business with the passion you have for it!

High-Quality Air Helps Craft Food & Beverage Industry Serve Up Exceptional Products.

Ingersoll Rand has an extensive knowledge in designing and delivering compressed air systems to meet the unique needs of craft gourmet business. Learn more about selecting the perfect solution to suits your requirements and offer your customers the passion throughout the craft process!


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No matter where your craft food & beverage operations are heading, how fast you reach your goals and how much it costs you to get there is impacted by the quality and reliability of your compression system. Plan for the future of your business with a fully tailored system that allows you to adapt to your ever-changing needs.





Ingersoll Rand offers a variety of compressors that fit your business. For the Craft Gourmet industry you can choose among a few models to keep your business run smoothly:

Oil-Free Scroll Air Compressor: Efficiency, quiet operation, low maintenance and a small footprint are critical, Scroll Air Compressors are the smart choice. This technology requires no lubrication resulting in high quality oil-free air.

Oil-Less Reciprocating Air Compressor: Designed to meet your precise standards in air purity, the oil-less reciprocating air compressors from Ingersoll Rand combine 100% oil-less reciprocating operation with the quality and reliability you expect from Ingersoll Rand.

Oil-Flooded Rotary Screw Compressors: This compressor offers increased efficiency, leak-free, improved Productivity, compact footprint and enhanced reliability. Rely on Ingersoll Rand’s portfolio of best-in-class lubricants to maximize the life and performance of your valuable investment.






The cleanliness of your compressed air is critical to the quality of your craft products. When your compressor is running, it is collecting the dust from the air and pushing it through your compressed air system. A compressor with dust particles, oil and water droplets only make the compressor to work harder, raising your energy costs.

Nitrogen Generators: Ingersoll Rand's on-site nitrogen generators offer quality and reliability built-in, so that you can focus on maximizing the productivity of your operations. Our efficient designs generate nitrogen from freely available air and allow you forgo traditional nitrogen delivery to simplify your business processes. Combined with our line of complementary products, you get that peace of mind that your entire nitrogen production process is backed by a trusted partner from start to finish.



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Maintenance Kit 2K8K Hour UP6S1122kW

OEM Parts: When it comes to industrial manufacturing, original equipment manufacturer(OEM) parts are an operator’s best choice to maintain maximum reliability and performance. Non-standard parts can expose equipment to unnecessary wear and tear that can lead to downtime and higher operating costs. If you want to protect the investment of your equipment, make sure to invest in the quality parts to keep it running. Ingersoll Rand has a complete offering of maintenance and OEM-quality compressor parts, such as lubricants, maintenance kits, replacement parts, filtration & condensation management and the expertise to keep your craft business running.

Depending on the air compressor technology you choose, a coolant lubricant might be needed to avoid Air compressors or components overheating and air leakage... You can successfully avoid these issues by adding lubricant and monitoring levels in your compressor are extremely important in making sure that your air compressor is running as efficient as possible. We offer a Food Grade solution to this market, the Ultra FG Lubricant! It is a NSF certified lubricant designed to meet your production quality .


compressor parts UltraFG208L

Maintenance & Care Programs: You can also rely on Ingersoll Rand to enhance your shop’s air compressed system with our maintenance services and CARE programs such as PartsCARE to ensure you always have the quality OEM Parts you need for basic maintenance and PlannedCARE with trained technicians always ready to help you!