Air Compressors for the White Goods Industry

Compressed air plays a vital role in the manufacturing of home appliances and electronics, such as refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines.

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Compressed Air Applications in White Goods Manufacturing


The production of these white goods requires compressed air to power pneumatic tools, convey raw materials and finished products and to cool metalwork. All of these processes are fundamental to ensure high-quality, efficient appliances and electronics. Therefore, it's important to find a compressed air system that guarantees the delivery of continuous air that also aligns with the environmental sustainability goals of the white goods industry.

High-Quality Compressed Air Solutions for White Goods Manufacturing


An emphasis on clean, dry compressed air at a stable pressure at the lowest cost possible is widely demanded throughout the global white goods industry. This is because not only does it ensure the quality of finished appliances and electronics but also the efficiency and sustainability of the manufacturing process. At Ingersoll Rand, we can help you design a reliable, long-lasting system that meets all of these requirements.


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Clean, Reliable & Energy Efficient Solutions


We offer an expert range of high-performance rotary screw compressors and air dryers that ensure the reliable supply of clean, dry compressed air. 


Trust Ingersoll Rand for Expert Solutions & Support


Whether your company specializes in refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines or other types of home appliances and electronics, we can build you a system flexible to your entire white goods manufacturing process. Enhance your efficiency with our portfolio of expert products and services.


Our rotary screw technology has been innovatively crafted to ensure maximum reliability and efficiency without compromising longevity or increasing operating costs. This ensures your white good manufacturing processes can occur smoothly, promising high-quality finished appliances. Our expert dryers also help to maintain the optimal performance of compressed air applications, helping you to achieve high-quality compressed air.

Alongside our expert compressed air systems, we also offer a variety of services and support to look after you and your investment. This includes our suite of CARE maintenance packages, as well as 24/7 remote monitoring with our Helix Connected Platform. Ingersoll Rand's comprehensive global service and support network is in place to keep you operating consistently at your best. Choose us as your trusted partner in compressed air!


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