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Air Compressor Lubricants

Choosing the right lubricant helps keep your compressor healthy and maximizes uptime so that you can keep your facility running.


Many industries rely on nitrogen for their manufacturing processes, including food and beverage, electronics, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical and metal operations. Our wide range of nitrogen generation solutions and complementary products will help you meet production needs while reducing operating costs as compared to traditional nitrogen supply and storage.


Partnering with Ingersoll Rand to generate your own nitrogen will:

  • Lower your operating costs with year-over-year savings
  • Simplify your business processes
  • Reduce waste and help you operate more sustainably
  • Eliminate nitrogen storage safety and footprint issues
  • Allow you to tailor nitrogen purity to your precise requirements
  • Provide access to an entire suite of complementary products and local, experienced technical support and service to support your nitrogen production process



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