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Air Compressors for the Iron & Steel Industry

As a highly competitive market, the iron and steel manufacturing industry is seeing an increasing need for innovative compressor technologies that provide unmatched performance and productivity. Compressed air is crucial for powering the levelers and conveyors that play such an integral role in iron and steel applications, which is why a high-quality compressor is vital. Trust us for a market-leading solution to keep you ahead of the game!

Highest Quality, Lowest Cost Compressed Air

Across the world, the iron & steel industry remains a constantly growing market, which means compressed air technologies need to become more innovative and able to withstand new challenges and demands. This is why we focus so heavily on creating high-quality, world-class solutions that provide you with the lowest cost, clean compressed air at a stable pressure, therefore allowing you to meet the safety requirements of the iron and steel industry.

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Reliability & Efficiency You Can Trust

As mentioned, compressed air is essential for the operation and use of air-powered dock levelers and pneumatic conveyors, which ideally need clean, dry air. This is critical due to the often challenging, dangerous environments encountered in the iron and steel industry. Ingersoll Rand offers safe, reliable compressed air solutions, global services and a support network that you can trust to suit your specific iron and steel application needs.


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Ingersoll Rand's range of Next Generation R-Series compressors, for example, is ideal for use in a range of iron and steel industry applications.


Next Generation Compressors Lead the Way

Within the iron and steel manufacturing industry, air compressors are crucial to power equipment for processes such as refining impurities, steelmaking, using furnaces and production of secondary materials. Therefore it's important you have a high-quality solution you can rely on.

Next Generation Compressors by Ingersoll Rand

At Ingersoll Rand, we make powering essential equipment for iron and steel applications easy with our expert range of Next Generation R-Series oil-flooded rotary screw compressors. This range of innovative systems boasts improved efficiency, enhanced serviceability and decreased energy use to keep you operating at your most productive. Trust our R-Series for the reliable delivery of compressed air for all of your iron and steel operations.

We also provide expert aftermarket care, including a range of maintenance packages, air compressor repair services and genuine OEM replacement parts to retain the efficiency and reliability of your compressor system. Our job is to provide you with and help you maintain a world-class compressed air solution that can withstand any challenges commonly faced within the iron and steel industry. Trust Ingersoll Rand to keep you operating at your best.

Next Generation Compressors by Ingersoll Rand Lead the Way


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