Tamrotor factory in Tampere

Tamrotor factory and functions are located in Tampere, Finland. Our factory has all functions under the same roof and all the departments are working together. In production, we have about 100 people: one third works in machining, another third in assembly and the rest in supporting functions, such as trial run, final inspection, production development, and material management. The manufacturing staff works flexibly in 2-3 shifts. In logistics, we use an outsourced third party service.

We machine all critical parts ourselves, such as the compressor body parts and rotors. Quality is a crucial factor with these critical parts and machining them in our own factory gives us the control over their quality. It also gives us flexibility with availability. Approximately 10 % of the air ends are used in our production for tempest and CT series products. Majority of air ends are sold directly to customers, but we also manufacture them for other Ingersoll Rand brands, for example Champion.

Our factory was established on 1963. In the beginning, we manufactured rock drilling equipment under the name Tamrock, which was part of Tampella. At the time, rock drilling was based on pneumatic hammers that required pressurized air. With time, our business evolved into manufacturing compressors. In 1997, we united with Gardner Denver. We manufacture standard products with variations. That gives us an opportunity to direct our focus and refine our product families.

One of the biggest leaps in product development has been the change from milling rotors to grinding them. It has made a great difference in both quality and efficiency. Even the smallest efficiency benefits are significant because during its lifecycle the compressor consumes energy that is worth several times more than its original purchase price. We want to benefit our customers even after the delivery and our products are known for being economical, long-time partners for our customers. We have a long history with the business and we are good at it.

Tamrotor factory Srew ends



  • City in western Finland
  • About 240 000 inhabitants
  • Was established in 1779
  • Has been titled the "industrial capital city of Finland" but nowadays the economy is also focused on high technology
  • Located between two lakes that are connected by the channel of rapids called Tammerkoski
  • Officially the "Sauna Capital of the World"
  • Often considered the cradle of Finnish ice hockey