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Air Compressors for the Pulp, Paper and Printing Industry

Compressed air plays a vital role in the world of pulp and paper for feeding paper presses, spraying coatings on the paper and the cutting and pressing process.

The Importance of 100% Clean, Oil-Free Compressed Air

The continual production of oil-free air is vital within the global pulp and paper industry, as it ensures the highest quality of paper, free from contamination. Our expert compressors enable this by allowing you to drastically reduce their energy consumption, operating temperatures and poor moisture control. Not only does this guarantee reliable oil-free air, but it also helps you operate more efficiently with sustainable methods and materials.


Ingersoll Rand Compressors - The Perfect Solution for Pulp & Paper

Struggling with production inefficiencies within your dissolving pulp facility? Are these issues contributing to lost or missed profit? Recently, we helped one of the largest producers of dissolving pulp ramp up their production, which has allowed them to maximise their profitability and efficiency. This was thanks to our expert compressors and technology, which are the perfect solution for the pulp and paper industry! Want to know how we did it?


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Reliable and Cost-Effective Oil-Free Air Compressors

We offer a range of oil-free centrifugal solutions, including our MSG® TURBO-AIR NX 8000, that are ideal for the pulp, paper & printing industry.

High-Quality Pulp and Paper Free Of Contamination

In order to produce the highest possible quality of paper, it's important to have a reliable supply of oil-free compressed air at every stage of your pulping processes and paper manufacturing. This is because high-quality pulp is essential to ensure your paper is 100% free from contamination.


We believe keeping it simple is the key to success when producing the highest quality pulp and paper possible. This is why our Centac® centrifugal solutions enable your plant to operate continuously at maximum efficiency, often without the need for excessive machinery and equipment. This way, not only do our expert compressors ensure the production of high-quality pulp and paper, but they also reduce your energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Our team of compressed air experts are available to complete a comprehensive air audit of your production facilities, which allows them to pinpoint areas of inefficiency. We can then prescribe you one of our CARE plans, including our Helix™ remote monitoring system. This way, we can help you maximise your efficiency and the quality of your output. We also offer a range of air treatment equipment to ensure your air is of optimum quality!



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