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Where is the Thermal Overload Reset Located on a Reciprocating Air Compressor?

If your reciprocating air compressor motor has overheated or stopped running (does not make any sound at all), and there is sufficient AC power available to it, you should engage the reset function on the compressor motor or starter. 

To reset your reciprocating air compressor, allow time for the compressor to cool down and then push the reset button before attempting to turn the unit on again. 

Please see pictures below for the location of the Overload reset buttons

  • On models SS3, SS4, SS5, TS5, and 2340 (single phase), the Thermal Overload is located on the outside of the motor:



  • On model’s 2340 (3 phase), 2475, 2545, and 7100, the Thermal Overload is located on the starter box:



  • On model P1.5 IU-A9 and P1.5 IU-A9-H, the Thermal Overload is located beside the motor:



•    On model P1 IU-A9, the Thermal Overload reset button is located on the back of the pump housing under the handle:



NOTE: On most models, you need to press VERY firmly on the reset button to reset the motor. You should hear an audible "Click" when reset is successful.