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Air Compressors for the Glass Industry

High quality compressed air is key for the production of most types of glass, as it's used as instrument and plant air to power pneumatic tools, convey materials and generate electricity.

The Global Importance of Air Compressors in Glass Manufacturing

Air compressors are used within the glass manufacturing industry for a variety of different processes and applications. Large quantities of clean, dry air are needed for blowing tubes for lighting and electronics, as well as forming containers, bottles and glassware. Therefore, it's important you have an efficient, high-performance system in place to deliver continuous, reliable compressed air for your glass applications. As an expert in end-to-end compressed air systems, Ingersoll Rand can help you create the perfect strategy for your press or blow glass container manufacturing facility.

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Improving the Compressed Air System at Your Glass Manufacturing Plant

Efficient glass manufacturing operations depend on the quality and capabilities of your compressed air equipment, your end-to-end compressed air system, and the IoT technology that supports your compressed air journey. Our team of compressed air experts is available to conduct a complete system assessment that identifies areas of weakness and potential improvements. This is just one of the ways we can help improve your compressed air experience.


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Centrifugal and Oil-Free Solutions for High-Quality Compressed Air

We offer a wide range of centrifugal and oil-free rotary screw solutions, as well as heat of compression air dryers ideal for the glass industry.

Market-Leading Solutions for Efficient and Safe Glass Manufacturing

Our MSG TURBO-AIR NX 5000 centrifugal compressor and our E-Series oil-free rotary screw 185-355 kW solutions are industry favorites when it comes to glass manufacturing. Both of these compressors guarantee the continuous delivery of oil-free air as well as unparalleled energy efficiency!

This enables glass manufacturers to increase their output, allowing them to meet their demand, while also reducing glass waste or product contamination. These compressed air systems have also been optimized to operate at high ambient temperatures to ensure they are able to withstand the demanding conditions associated with the glass manufacturing and processing industry. This is achieved through cooling systems and innovative design features.


To ensure constant, optimum air quality, we also offer a range of air treatment options of varying capacities. This ensures that no matter the size of your operations, we can provide you with a high-performance, reliable drying system that suits your operations. All of our available dryers promote lower energy consumption without compromising reliable moisture removal. Optimize your glass manufacturing processes with Ingersoll Rand!


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