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Oil-Free Air Compressors

Ingersoll Rand’s award-winning Rotary Oil-Free Compressors are high-performance, trusted solutions for all of your compressed air needs.


  • Ingersoll Rand offers a range of high-performance, efficient oil-free air compressors for a wide range of industries & applications
  • 100% oil-free ISO 8573-1:2010 certified air for when high air purity is of high value
  • An introduction to our expert E-Series, Nirvana &, Sierra oil-free rotary screw models

Ingersoll Rand designs and manufactures a range of high-performance, oil-free air compressors that you can trust. Our industrial solutions have been carefully designed using our years of compressor knowledge and expertise. This has allowed us to combine unrivalled technology with innovative design to maximize your efficiency, productivity and performance. Our focus is to build reliability into every air compressor component in order to create market-leading systems to keep you ahead of your competitors. Trust Ingersoll Rand for a high-power solution to revolutionize your operations! 

All of our oil-free rotary screw air compressors provide 100% oil-free air that meets ISO 8573-1:2010 Class 0 air quality standards. This makes them the perfect compressed air solution for the pharmaceutical, textile, food and beverage and electronics industries where contamination-free air is critical. When high air purity is a priority, choose Ingersoll Rand's expert oil-free air compressor solutions. 

Our range of oil-free air compressors includes our E-Series models, which are renowned for their world-class efficiency and reliability and are available in a variety of different sizes to suit your specific needs. Our Nirvana variable speed compressors are another of our expert oil-free solutions, offering you maximized flexibility to demand fluctuations and reduced costs, all while providing you with 100% oil-free air. Our Sierra compressors come equipped with a Xe-145 microprocessor controller to allow for efficient, innovative system monitoring. 

E-Series Oil-Free Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Our E-Series oil-free rotary screw systems offer market-leading efficiency without compromising Ingersoll Rand's renowned reliability. They are available in a 75-160 kW model and a larger 185-355 kW model. Experience 13.5% improved efficiency due to optimized airend features, which transform the rotor profile of these compressed air solutions. This allows for unrivalled airflow capacity and enhanced productivity.  

E Series Oil Free Rotary Screw Air Compressors 75 160 kW
Nirvana 37 75kw Rotary Oil Free Compressor

Nirvana Variable Speed Oil-Free Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Our Nirvana variable speed compressor is built to withstand fluctuations in demand without experiencing any disruption to the compressor's efficiency or performance. What makes our variable-speed compressors so unique is their ability to help you achieve up to 35% energy savings over traditional fixed-speed compressors. Therefore reducing your costs and how much energy your air compressor wastes throughout its day-to-day operations. Available in 37-45 kW, 55-75 kW and 90-160 kW models, these Nirvana variable speed compressors promise 100% oil-free air that you can rely on. They operate using a variable speed inverter in conjunction with a hybrid permanent magnet (HPM) motor that provides unrivalled performance, efficiency and reliability.  

Sierra Oil-Free Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Our Ingersoll Rand Sierra rotary screw compressors are available in both 37-75 kW and 90-160 kW, making them flexible for use in a wide range of applications. Our Sierra models have a Xe-145 microprocessor controller to revolutionize the way you monitor your compressed air system. It enables you to optimize your power consumption through onboard diagnosis and data you can trust. These compressors are also designed with long-life stainless steel components, which not only ensure durability but also reduce your maintenance costs due to their ability to withstand varying temperatures and levels of pressure.

Sierra 37 75kw Rotary Oil Free Compressor
Oil free air compressor air system layout

Trusted Partner in Compressed Air

With years of industry experience and expertise, Ingersoll Rand understands that the delivery of reliable oil-free compressed air goes far beyond the compressor itself. This is why we help you optimize your total cost of ownership and maximize your facility's performance through innovative, first-class compressed air technologies and services. Trust Ingersoll Rand as your reliable compressed air partner! 

We Build Reliability into Every Component:

By using high-quality materials and expert manufacturing processes, we are able to build robust components built to last. This can be seen through our: 

  • Proven airends
  • Seamless rotor performance - the key to reliable compressor operation
  • Inlet valve robustness
  • 100% maintenance-free motors 
  • Ultracoat - which ensures energy savings & a longer compressor life
  • Dual-vented seals 
  • Water-cooled & air-cooled options to best suit your industry needs 

class 0 centrifugal
Oil free air compressor dryers

Air Compressor Dryers & Filters for Oil-Free Compressors

Enhance your compressed air system and ensure high-quality, oil-free air by investing in Ingersoll Rand's expert range of dryers and filters. Allow yourself peace of mind with our high-performance range of air treatment equipment.  

Air Compressor CARE Service Agreements

Eliminate the risk of any unplanned or unexpected downtime by enhancing your system with Ingersoll Rand's CARE Maintenance Plans to help protect your investment. Our CARE service programs allow you to invest in your future with world-class support and a service plan you can rely on. Trust us to look after you and your compressed air solution!  

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Our team of compressed air experts can help with more information on any of our oil-free rotary screw air compressors solutions. 


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