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Chemical Air Filtration

In industrial environments, it is critical that gaseous contaminants and particulate matter be removed from the intake air stream of all air compressors. Unfortunately, standard particulate filters offer insufficient protection. Ingersoll Rand developed the Pure Air Chemical Filtration System to remove corrosive gases such as sulfur dioxide (SO2) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S). These gases can severely corrode the internal components of an air compressor and lead to decreased efficiency and reliability.Interestingly, concentration levels of these gases, which are acceptable for humans, are dangerously high for air compressors. The Pure Air Chemical Filtration System is a multi-stage, highly efficient air purification system that removes gases and particulates, and inhibits corrosion caused by airborne contaminants. Without protection from the Pure Air Chemical Filtration System, these contaminants can result in reduced efficiency, costly repairs, and equipment downtime.