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How Can A Pace Regulator Help My Compressed Air System?

By effectively managing pressure, the PacE Flow Controller from Ingersoll Rand enables compressed air systems to operate at the lowest acceptable pressure level needed to maintain reliable operations.


Most compressed air systems experience fluctuating demand. This can cause unstable system pressure, requiring compressors to cycle on and off. The typical solution is to overcompensate by using additional compressors and/or by increasing overall system pressure. However, these approaches increase overall operating costs and air loss due to leaks as well as damage to compressors and point-of-use tools.


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The PacE Pneumatic Flow Controller creates a buffer between air supply and demand. It enables more effective air storage, and continuously stabilizes system pressure by responding to demand fluctuations. When pressure is kept constant, the need to increase system pressure or add compressors can be eliminated...ultimately saving you money.

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Improved compressor and production tool life
  • Consistent pressure at point-of-use
  • Less production waste; decreased downtime


The PacE Pneumatic Flow Controller from Ingersoll Rand separates the demand and supply sides of your compressed air system and increases stored air energy when used in conjunction with storage. Effectively managing system air pressure minimizes the effects of demand spikes from point-of-use applications and reduces the amount of artificial demands placed on your system. Compressors can fully unload, which maximizes energy savings, and additional compressors previously needed to meet pressure requirements can typically be eliminated.