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What is the pressure range of my reciprocating air compressor?

Ingersoll Rand reciprocating air compressors operate to maximum air pressures preset at the factory. This is known as the “cut out” pressure.

Single Stage models (such as SS3, SS4, SS5, P1, P1.5, etc.) have a maximum pressure of 135 psi.

Two Stage models (such as 2340, 2475, 2545, TS4/TS5, 7100, etc.) have a maximum pressure of 175 psi.

The “cut in” pressure (the pressure level where the compressor will turn on to refill) on single stage models is 95 psi and on two stage models is 135 psi.

These pressure ranges are preset at the factory and are not adjustable on Ingersoll Rand reciprocating air compressors.