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Air compressors are used by glass manufacturers worldwide. From forming containers, bottles and glassware to blowing tubes for lighting and electronics, compressed air can be found in use throughout manufacturing plants. Applications for compressed air throughout a plant include powering pneumatic tools, conveying material and generating electricity. Typically, press and blow glass container manufacturers use two separate air systems -- a low-pressure (50-70 psig) for the furnace and a high-pressure (90-100 psig) system for both the furnace as well as for packaging, palletizing and shipping. These systems are usually set up with two separate compressed air supplies and piping distribution.

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How to Improve theCompressed Air System at YourGlass Manufacturing Plant

Partner with a compressed air solution expert to conduct a complete systemassessment. That’s essentially an energy efficiency audit program that identifiesareas of improvement to get the most out of your plant’s existing equipment

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