Name: Adrien Grandjean

Job Title: France Director of the Transport Solution Division

Physical Location: Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, France

Years with the Company: 10

adrien Ingersoll Rand

Adrien Grandjean, the France Director of the Transport Solution Division at Ingersoll Rand, brings a decade of dedicated service, expertise, and an entrepreneurial spirit to his role. Starting as a field service engineer in the oil and gas industry, Adrien swiftly advanced to project manager and area sales manager for Sundyne Corporation before joining Gardner Denver France.

At Gardner Denver, Adrien has effectively managed the Transport Solutions division and taken on additional commercial responsibilities, showcasing his technical prowess and sales development expertise. His customer-centric approach, drawn from experience in solution-providing companies, ensures tailored solutions for clients.
Driven by an entrepreneurial family background, Adrien prioritizes fostering lasting customer relationships, offering unparalleled support, and innovating problem-solving solutions. Within Ingersoll Rand's collaborative environment, he thrives alongside skilled colleagues at IRTS.

Outside work, Adrien indulges in diverse interests, including his love for French gastronomy, wine, skiing in the Alpes, and quality time with family during travel.

Adrien's impactful role in driving substantial growth for Ingersoll Rand in France is a testament to his commitment and the strong customer focus shared by Gardner Denver. As Ingersoll Rand evolves through mergers and acquisitions, Adrien and his team eagerly explore new opportunities and solutions, setting the stage for further accomplishments.

In conclusion, Adrien Grandjean personifies Ingersoll Rand's core values, dedicating himself to excellence, innovation, and customer focus. His vast expertise and entrepreneurial spirit continue to propel Ingersoll Rand's success, inspiring those around him to reach new heights.