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Air Compressors for the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry, also known as the secondary sector, relies on compressed air for a range of different applications and production methods. These include powering pneumatic tools, cooling metalwork, painting, powder coating, conveyance, mixing, sparging and aeration. Due to air playing such a vital role in manufacturing processes, it's crucial that you find a reliable air compressor solution - that's where we can help you out!

Lower Costs & Increase Uptime With Tailored Compressed Air Solutions

Ingersoll Rand design, manufacture and install a range of compressed air solutions for the manufacturing industry that promise lower costs and increased uptime. We make this possible by tailoring your system to specifically meet your application needs to ensure unrivalled efficiency and reliability. By working out what works for you, we can guarantee you a compressed air solution that enhances your productivity without creating additional costs.

How to Create High-Quality Compressed Air for your Applications

Due to the varying roles compressed air plays in different manufacturing applications and processes, selecting the right equipment for your specific needs is of great importance. However, one crucial requirement will remain the same no matter your operations - the need for high-quality, reliable air. Ingersoll Rand has much available technology that fulfils this requirement whilst promising you unmatched efficiency, reliability and performance.

Related Products

Ingersoll Rand offers a range of high-performance oil-flooded rotary screw air compressor technologies ideal for use in the manufacturing industry.

Peace of Mind with Predictive Monitoring & Maintenance

Compressed air plays a vital role in industrial manufacturing plants to operate production lines and equipment. This emphasises the importance of finding a solution you can rely on to get the job done to ensure your peace of mind at every stage of your manufacturing operations.

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We offer a range of market-leading oil-flooded air compressors that guarantee the delivery of reliable, high-quality air for a range of manufacturing applications. With advanced technology, we are also able to offer predictive monitoring and maintenance with these Smart Connected Compressors. This allows for real-time alerts and insights into the efficiency, productivity and health of your compressed air system to prevent any costly downtime.

In addition to providing market-leading industrial compressed air solutions and products for the manufacturing industry, we also offer professional service and maintenance programs that help look after your system. This includes our CARE agreements, performance services and system automation that can all be tailored to your manufacturing operations and application needs. Trust Ingersoll Rand for unmatched service and quality you can rely on!


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