The GHH RAND® remote discharge air cooler has been specifically developed with a multitude of applications in mind for use with both tractor, trailer, and truck air compressors. Featuring a new, slimline design which allows installation in the narrowest of places, our remote air cooler (RAC) is suitable for all types of chassis configurations.

The RAC is designed for use within the dry bulk discharge market for products that require lower discharge air temperatures such as fresh food items like sugar and chocolate powder, or heat-sensitive products like plastics.

The cooler is offered in two versions, volume dependent 800 m3 /h (RAC8) and 1,150 m3 /h (RAC11), optimised to best suit your installation without creating unwanted humidity in discharged airflow. Its preassembled design allows for an out-of-the-box installation and an easy coupled installation to our compressor range.

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