Fire & Rescue

CAFS (Compressed Air Foam System) is used in firefighting to put out vehicle, building, forest, and fluid fires, for example. Foam is also often used when the fire needs to be restrained, to protect unburned areas (for example the roof of the building) or as first aid if a more efficient extinguishing protocol can't be started yet.

A compressed air foam system makes foam from water, an emulsion, and pressurized air. CAFS systems can be installed in firetrucks and hybrid units, and they can also be used in stationary firefighting.

The benefits compared to water extinguishing are obvious - CAFS saves water which minimizes water damage, and it isolates and suffocates more effectively, enables more compact systems, is quick and easy to use, which enables the fast start of restraining and extinguishing. When the foam dissolves, it forms a water-foam lotion with a low surface tension and a great ability to penetrate burning surfaces.