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How is My Air Quality?

Air Quality Diagram Oil-Free D1

You have compressed air, but is it quality compressed air? What is high quality air? Everyone's viewpoint may be different. One person might find that his air quality is poor due to the fact that there is little water at the end-use point. Another might find it high quality because they are maintaining a perfect dew point temperature of -40°F or lower.

Why do I need high quality compressed air?

"Air quality" refers to the condition of air within your compressed air system. Dirt, moisture and oil can be found anywhere, but you don't want to find it throughout your system. The problems created by contaminated compressed air can range from annoyance to wreaking havoc on your equipment and your end products. If you don't have high quality compressed air, you can reduce the efficiency of your system, which could lead to unplanned downtime or additional costs to your budget.

What do I need for my system to have high quality air?

Dryer: Properly treated compressed air, and the right air dryer, will improve productivity, system efficiency, and product or process quality. Without a dryer, you will have condensation build up, which could lead to rust & bacteria throughout your system.

SimplAir Piping: Our marine-grade aluminum pipes to efficiently distribute leak-free supplies of high-flow compressed air and other inert gasses and support vacuum systems as well. For lower cost, higher performance, easier installation, and less maintenance than systems made of competing materials, the Simplair piping system is the best choice.

Drain Valve: Water build up in your tank can cause the bottom of your tank to rust forcing you to invest in a new tank. To ensure that you avoid this problem, Ingersoll Rand offers different drain valves from timed electric auto drain to pneumatic no loss drain valves.

In-Line Filter: Ingersoll Rand’s compressed air filters reduce contamination in your air stream to help protect your critical processes and valuable equipment. Our filters are rigorously tested and engineered with superior components to provide years of reliable performance and consistently high-quality air. Without effective filtration, products and processes that depend on compressed air are subject to increased scrap, poor quality and additional maintenance.

High quality and reliable air is the invisbile power that helps industries increase their profitablity and competitiveness. If you are interested in improving your air quality or how learning how we can make your system more efficient, please contact our air compressor experts.