In a bold move towards innovation, GHH RAND and Gardner Denver Transport have stepped into a new era of development, unveiling highly efficient electric-driven air compressor packages tailored specifically for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) in the Dry Bulk Road Tanker Discharge Market. These groundbreaking solutions mark a significant milestone in addressing the energy sensitivity of this market, aligning perfectly with our core principle of low energy consumption in airend development.



The significance of low specific power consumption cannot be overstated, especially in the context of electric vehicles where energy efficiency, minimal noise, and low discharge temperatures are paramount. Our efficient airends not only reduce battery drain to minimal levels but also significantly extend vehicle range, ensuring optimal performance throughout a typical working day for Bulk Tanker operators.

At the heart of these cutting-edge solutions lies our highly experienced Airend and Solutions designers, situated within our German Centre of Excellence Engineering team. Their expertise guarantees the delivery of reliable and meticulously engineered solutions that our clients can trust.




Moreover, our commitment to collaboration is evident in the development process of these E-Driven solutions packages. We have worked closely with leading vehicle OEMs to ensure an optimized design that meets all regulatory requirements while prioritizing safety, reliability, and market-proven performance.


As GHH RAND and Gardner Denver Transport gain momentum in this burgeoning market, we eagerly invite inquiries from prospective partners. Together, we can tailor solutions to meet your unique needs in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Efficiency goes beyond just the compressor; it encompasses every aspect of the solution, including supporting ancillaries. These components are meticulously designed and configured to ensure smooth airflow with minimal pressure loss. By prioritizing energy efficiency across the board, we not only deliver cost savings for your operation but also contribute to environmental sustainability.

One of the challenges posed by the shift towards electric vehicles is the relocation of batteries, which often impedes traditional compressor installations on the side of chassis rails. As a result, compressors are now positioned behind the cab, raising concerns about noise levels. To address this, we have developed advanced sound enclosures that effectively reduce noise to levels acceptable to operators. Furthermore, our innovative enclosure design incorporates highly efficient oil coolers, ensuring optimal running conditions for the airend in terms of reliability and performance.


In conclusion, the partnership between GHH RAND and Gardner Denver Transport signifies a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of electric-driven air compressor packages for the Dry Bulk Tanker Market. With a focus on energy efficiency, reliability, and environmental responsibility, these solutions are poised to redefine standards and drive sustainable growth in the industry.




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