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Air Compressor with Dryer

air compressor dryers


From small DIY projects and the cosmetics sector to air compressors serving the craft brewing, marine and electronics industries, Ingersoll Rand has an air compressor to tackle the job at hand. Our range of small reciprocating compressors has been designed to last a lifetime, with companion air dryers for enhanced productivity for the dedicated DIY enthusiast and small auto body shop owner.


My compressor works great; why do I need an air dryer?


All air used in compressors contains water vapor, and when we compress the air, we create moisture. The amount of water in the compressed air is called the 'pressure dew point' (PDP). While this is not a pressing issue for ad-hoc DIY projects, moisture is not a friend of the air compressor.


Imagine your customized paintwork peeling off after a few short weeks or your nail gun malfunctioning mid-task. Rusting and unchecked corrosion can cause irreparable damage to your machinery, motors, valves, components, and even your end product.


Take heart: whilst the PDP is an unavoidable by-product of air compressor usage, using an air dryer is a proactive step that mitigates many adverse effects water can have.


High-quality, clean air is a vital part of an efficient compression system, and you'll pay a premium for the lower PDP required; keeping dirt, oil and moisture away from critical systems like motors, hoses and filters, will prolong the life of your equipment and tools, giving you greater payback on your initial investment and the peace of mind from a job well done.


There are many different types of air dryers available, refrigerated or desiccant, cycling or non-cycling; Ingersoll Rand has a solution to your needs.


How do I know what dryer I need?

Non-cycling dryers

A non-cycling refrigerated dryer is one of the most common models, providing clean and dry compressed air for a minimal outlay, where a critical PDP is unnecessary. Reliable, low-maintenance and cost-effective to install, the non-cycling dryer is at a slight disadvantage, costing more to run than a cycling version, as it maintains its output, regardless of the air load coming in.

Our models offer an impressive 7-12 cfm range at an affordable price with corrosion-resistant heat exchangers, smart controls, and maximum productivity.

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Cycling dryers

Improved energy efficiencies come from the added technologies in a cycling dryer that allow it to flex according to the incoming load. Your initial outlay on installation would be amortized over time by lower energy consumption in this easy to install, quiet air drying solution.

The Ingersoll Rand range of cycling dryers uses the ISO Class 4 water cooling method, with a consistent dew point for dry air throughout the process and a cycling design representing significant energy savings.

Refrigerated dryers

Provide an air dew point and high standard of clean, compressed air that satisfies most applications, using air-cooled to a temperature where minimal water vapor is produced.

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compressed air treatment TZM320scfm Modular Heatless Desiccant Dryer

Desiccant dryers

Available as regenerative, heatless and heated purge units, these are the specialist, heavy-duty dryers working in sectors where 100% clean air is non-negotiable; pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, electronics all require compliance with ISO Class 1 air quality, where anything less will have catastrophic results.

Integrated dryers


Where space is a premium, an integrated dryer offers an economical, quiet and convenient solution.


Clean air - your invisible power


Clean air is the invisible power in your operations, and our dryers offer maximum power with flexibility, reliable operations with longevity, intelligent controls and easy serviceability.


Careful research into the type of Ingersoll Rand air dryer you need will pay dividends through improved productivity, increased tool longevity, energy efficiencies, superior end-product quality, as well as guarding against damage from rust and bacteria build-up.


With so much at stake, it's vital you make the right choice for your business. As the experts in our field, we'd be happy to help you decide.


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