Optimized Compressed Air Piping is Critical to Your Shop Performance

Part of designing an efficient compressed air system is selecting high-quality piping material, which affects your installation and operational costs, as well as time investment down the road. Even if it’s tempting to go with a low-cost piping material, there is a serious risk to your production and safety of your employees. For example, PVC piping may cost the least, but it can also shatter if it becomes over pressurized. Other materials, such as steel, can corrode and rust, which contaminates the air in your lines. So, what should you look for in compressed air piping?

Quality Material

SimplAir® piping from Ingersoll Rand® uses marine-grade aluminum pipes to efficiently distribute compressed air power. SimplAir pipes are stronger than plastic and more corrosion-resistant than steel. Its leak-free fittings also reduce the need for routine maintenance and repairs. These combined features create a superior piping design that maximizes system efficiency.

Energy Use

The surface of the piping you choose directly impacts how much energy the system uses. Common black iron piping has rough surfaces which causes a slow in flow rate, thus requires more air pressure to mitigate pressure drop which means more energy required. In contrast, aluminum piping, like SimplAir from Ingersoll Rand, has a smooth surface so there is low restriction and pressure drop and therefore provides better energy efficiency.   

Installation Complexity and Cost

The installation process for black iron and copper air piping systems often costs more than the material itself, and requires special skills. Ingersoll Rand designed SimplAir so that you don’t need to hire outside help for installation. Its quick-connect fittings combined with lightweight piping mitigate the need for expensive tools or trained installers, and allow for faster assembly and lower installation costs.

To learn more about Ingersoll Rand SimplAir piping options for your shop visit our Vehicle Services Industry site.