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Air Compressor Services

Ingersoll Rand Offers a variety of air compressor services from installations, assessments and audits to repairs and even rental equipment.

Productivity is reduced by air loss caused by emergencies, maintenance and ongoing inefficiencies in your facility. With decades of experience and reliability in the design DNA: our total solutions are developed to stand the test of time. Use our comprehensive products and services to minimize short term production losses and meet longer term sustainability goals. Your operations and production output quality depend on a reliable supply of compressed air being delivered to the point of use in your process.

Your compressed air equipment needs the right service provided to it, at the right time, by the right expert using the right service parts: you need to get it 4 times RIGHT!

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We at Ingersoll Rand believe in a higher level of Aftermarket Service: it is a discipline and a mindset that separates the good from the great. If you want to be great, you need to deliver a great service experience to your customer, and connect to them for LIFE as a trusted partner!

We will explain what critical capabilities are part of this "Connect For Life” service journey, along the full asset lifecycle, and how we stand by our customers.


The Performance Services program is a data-driven measurement and diagnostics capability, often deployed before any other service upgrade or system enhancement takes place. Ingersoll Rand service experts organize a thorough on-site measurement activity, assessing either a standalone compressor or a total compressed air system. Every potential optimization effort is mapped with its own return on investment, so our customers can determine the priority of implementation.


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Preventive scheduled maintenance is the cornerstone of any proper service program. The service activities are defined based on the prescribed maintenance schedule of the equipment, which typically include equipment diagnostic check-ups, and replacement of consumables that reach their specified end-of-life.


Requirements change over time: that is a certainty. Ingersoll Rand has a broad series of Upgrade offerings to keep your asset and installation up to date and ready to meet all your needs. Upgrade offerings like -

  • Air Treatment
  • Condensate Management
  • System Controllers and many more
  • Re-rating compressors



Your compressed air equipment is put to the test, day in, day out. Ingersoll Rand has developed the Remanufacturing Service Offering where we provide an economic alternative to buying new equipment. Our experts can add a significant number of operating years to your asset life by executing a thorough “overhaul & enhancement” program on the critical core components. Remanufactured equipment even qualifies for our CARE Maintenance Agreement program, that is how confident we are.


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Eliminate the guesswork and completely outsource the responsibility for air compressor service to the experts. Achieve total Peace Of Mind while we will take CARE of everything. This is our promise with the unparallelled CARE suite of maintenance agreements, it is as simple as that.


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It is impossible to control everything that comes down your pathway, but it is possible to always control your response. Therefore make sure you have planned for an uncompromised and reliable delivery of compressed air for your production process at all times, and be prepared for events that impact your compressed air consumption.

Events such as increased or decreased production demand levels, preventive maintenance, overhaul or turnaround activities, breakdown and natural disaster - all these unforeseen events require a solid Contingency Planning to prevent productivity and output losses.

The flexibility from the Ingersoll Rand Rental Offering and its fleet of robust compressors, gives you the reassurance you need, and makes you prepared for everything that comes down your path.


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