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Air Compressor Water Separators

Why are Oil-Water Separators important?

  • Oil-water separators are of fundamental importance to ensure a clean, efficient and sustainable operation
  • Help to prevent environmental harm and lasting oil pollution
  • Ingersoll Rand offers a range of market-leading PolySep Oil Water separator solutions for all of your applications


Oil-water separators play a fundamental role in compressed air systems due to the importance of oil and water separation and its impact on the environment. Although, for many places, it is the law to ensure that oil-containing compressor condensate is treated ethically, the cost of even a droplet of oil is environmentally high. Oil-Water separating is essential for a cleaner, more sustainable world, which is why we echo the importance of a highly efficient, good quality separator.


Some of the environmental impacts of oil:

  • Harms animals and insects, whilst also disrupting the food chain
  • It prevents photosynthesis in plants
  • Any damage is long-lasting, and the environment takes years to recover from it


How do they work?

Oil-Water separators operate to remove the oil by separating the compressor condensate's water and oil before it can be appropriately disposed of to prevent to ensure it is unable to enter wastewater. Most separators involve multi-stage filtration and the principle of adsorption. The different filters typically consist of fibers (first-stage filter) to absorb the oil and then activated carbon (second-stage filter) to purify the condensate. The oil that is separated from the water within your compressor can then be used to lubricate the rotary screw and other internal parts. By the end of this process, the remaining water in your system is contamination-free and can be safely disposed of without any concerns about environmental harm.

Our PolySep Oil Water Separators 2-65 m3/min (60-2,300 cfm)

Our PolySep Oil Water Separator has been designed and innovated to offer unrivaled performance that can easily separate and permanently absorb virtually all lubricants. It uses specially coated, long life Zeolite absorption media to withdraw oils and can even handle highly emulsified lubricants like polyglycols which are often deemed only separable by expensive, oversized separators. It is also fully equipped to handle all condensate flow requirements, even as much as 380 litres/hour (100 gallons/hour) in all environments - whether hot and humid or cold and dry.

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Our separators also comply with environmental regulations by minimizing fluid disposal costs. This benefit, combined with its minimal maintenance or downtime requirements, makes it cost-efficient and reduces the risk of mess or overflow.


To ensure that you are able to find the perfect model of our PolySep system for your industry needs, we have created sizes for all applications. Our range varies from our PolySep PSG7 with 60 cfm, an airflow of 2 m3/min, and a max water flow of 0.55 gal/hr, all the way to our PolySep AS230, which has a cfm of 2,300, an airflow of 65 m3/min and max water flow of 100 gal/hr. In addition, one of our team of professionals can give you expert advice anytime on which Oil-Water separator would be the best option for your needs. Our separators only need to be replaced once a year or after 4,000 hours of operation for optimal performance when installed and sized correctly.


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