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Don’t Let Your Brewery Crack Under Pressure

Keep your beer pouring smoothly by ensuring that your compressed air system maintains the proper pressure throughout your brewing operations.

Did You Know?
As CO2 enters the keg, it displaces your beer at a constant pressure, replacing the space where the poured beer used to be. With CO2 filling that empty space, your keg is able to maintain a pressure set by your regulator. Making sure that your beer stays at a constant PSI keeps your beer carbonated by preventing the CO2 from dissolving and leaking out.

What Happens If I Have Too Much Pressure?
If you have too much pressure, it could result in fast pouring and extremely foamy beer with large bubbles. To prevent this problem, you will need to adjust your regulator immediately to a proper, lower level. If you wait +24 hours to adjust your regulator, it will leave your newly brewed beer permanently foamy and over-carbonated.

Installing a regulator in your brewery will guarantee that the right pressure is always constant and will help you pour the perfect beer and eliminate waste. Cheers!