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Air Compressors for the Mining Industry

Within modern mining, air compressors play a key role in improving mine safety, as well as maximizing the efficiency of resource extraction, whether this may be coal, iron ore, copper, lead, gold or other metals and minerals. This industry often involves challenging environmental conditions, which is why we offer expertly designed, reliable compressed air technologies to help you keep up with the ever-changing demands of the mining industry.

Single Source to Power Critical Tools & Equipment

Due to the growing use of compressed air within the global mining industry, it is becoming increasingly important to find an efficient system that can power critical tools and equipment even from a single source. Ingersoll Rand's expert range of oil-flooded air compressors is suitable for both surface mining and subsurface mining to power equipment, pneumatic tools and ventilation equipment to keep you operating at your most efficient.

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The Right Compressed Air to Prevent Downtime & Improve Quotas


As a result of the vital role compressed air plays in mining resources, it's important to find an air compressor system that can maximize the productivity and efficiency of your applications. Ingersoll Rand is able to tailor its range of compressed air technologies to suit your specific needs with different configurations and our Total Air System packages. Dramatically reduce downtime and improve your quotas with our expert, efficient range.

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Ingersoll Rand offers an expert range of oil-flooded compressor solutions, ideal for the challenging environment and climate of the mining industry.

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Protection with Total Peace of Mind

Compressed air is used for a variety of different applications during mining processes, such as exploration and extraction for powering tools, drills and conveying systems, including the triggering of explosives. Air compressors also play a fundamental role in refining, smelting, and floatation.

At Ingersoll Rand, we offer a range of expert oil-flooded compressed air solutions ideal for use in various mining applications. Our systems enable you to maximize the efficiency of your operations by delivering optimum compressed air performance with minimal maintenance or service requirements. This is especially important for the operation of crucial surface and subsurface mining equipment, such as pneumatic and power tools.

Maintaining a consistent, reliable compressed air system is especially important in the mining industry due to the often harsh, challenging conditions. This is why Ingersoll Rand offers a range of performance services, system automation and CARE maintenance agreements to maintain the efficiency and productivity of your compressed air systems. Trust us for efficient operation, built-in reliability and unmatched aftermarket support.


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