Compressed Air Solutions for the Plant-based Pharmaceuticals Industry


Air compressors are essential for various aspects of the plant-based medicines industry. Whether you focus on research and development, production, or both, Ingersoll Rand’s compressed air solutions meet your demands for quality and reliability.  



Our award-winning rotary oil-free compressors deliver levels of performance prized by startup labs and established producers alike. Count on:  

  • Market-leading efficiency  
  • Continuous delivery of 100% Class 0 oil-free air
  • Scroll technology for minimal maintenance and quiet operation


Ingersoll Rand oil-flooded rotary screw air compressors are ideal for extracting oils from plants as well as pneumatic controlled packaging. Choose from variable speed drives and enjoy the simplicity of an intuitive user interface. Our rotary screw compressors are lubricated with food-grade oil to reduce contamination risks. If your operation is starting up and you only need a compressor for intermittent use, one of our reciprocating compressors may be an ideal choice.  



We know downtime is the enemy, so we help keep your business running at full speed. Our CARE Maintenance Plans and service agreements transfer the operational risk to Ingersoll Rand while helping you avoid unexpected interruptions.


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Your compressed air needs may go beyond a simple reciprocating compressor. Ingersoll Rand has a complete variety of equipment, accessories, OEM parts and services as your total solutions partner.

2323179828m3min Refridgerated Air Dryer

Air Dryers 

Unwanted moisture can wreak havoc on your equipment, leading to corrosion and unplanned downtime. Keep moisture away from your line to maintain smooth operations and avoid end-product contamination.

compressed air treatment F Series Compressed Air Filter

Air Filters 

Protect your compressors and tools from harmful contaminants by effectively removing solid particles, dirt, water, oil, and aerosols from compressed air. This can help to ensure a longer lifespan for your equipment as well as a high-quality final product. 

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Nitrogen Generators

Ingersoll Rand's on-site nitrogen generators offer quality and reliability built-in, so that you can focus on maximizing the productivity of your operations. Our efficient designs generate nitrogen from freely available air and allow you forgo traditional nitrogen delivery to simplify your business processes.


Drain Valves 

Water condensation is an inevitable outcome of the air compressor process. Installing a drain valve can eliminate a daily manual task by automatically draining the moisture out of your air compressor. 

Durable Simlp Air Aluminum Piping System


An efficient piping system is essential for a great quality air. The SimplAir® piping system from Ingersoll Rand is light, easy to install, and very efficient. High-quality, marine-grade aluminum construction delivers cost savings at all stages of ownership.