As promised, four go to the Expo, a new attraction of Ingersoll Rand booth!

The fourth China International Import Expo will be held soon. Ingersoll Rand Group has made an appointment to enter the Expo four years ago. What are the new highlights of this year?
Ingersoll Rand adheres to the core concept of "trust us to make your life better". At this Expo, Ingersoll Rand will explain how to create a beautiful life with sustainable development, intelligence, efficiency and high quality from the three dimensions of low-carbon, digitization and humanism.
Brand convergence
With the continuous development of Ingersoll Rand Group, this Expo will be the most brands exhibited by Ingersoll Rand so far. In addition to the four time veteran Ingersoll Rand air compressor will appear on the booth, Ingersoll Rand power tools, gnandonfo air compressor, Richler vacuum pump and lubuqi blower will also gather in the Expo, bringing a number of representative product exhibitions. The appearance of multi brand combination promotes a multi angle understanding of Ingersoll Rand's upgraded new image.
Digital experience
From product digital technology and IOT to data platform and equipment insight, and then to digital business processes, and finally achieve a digital seamless user experience. Ingersoll Rand booth brings you a one-stop full experience. Feel the upgrading of Ingersoll Rand's services and content through the display of industrial IOT technology. Make full use of Internet sharing to create a smart life.
Ingersoll Rand focuses on sustainable operation to maintain the awareness of social responsibility and environmental protection. Based on Irx concept and system, the continuously improved operation, products and services will be delivered on this booth. Driven by social responsibility and plant efficiency, Ingersoll Rand will show you the industrial wisdom of sustainable development on how to improve energy efficiency through energy-saving technology.
Ingersoll Rand welcomes you to the booth
Booth No.: 3a4-004