What is an OEM compressor and who is it for?

What is an OEM compressor and who is it for?

Wherever there is industrial activity, compressed air is usually needed. Although electric actuators have replaced the traditional pneumatic applications in some cases, there are and always will be new applications for compressed air (such as in fish farming). Tamrotor is an OEM product provider for compressor and machine builders who use air ends and related components in their own manufactured compressors or compressed air systems onboard their equipment.

The basic idea is that Tamrotor supplies components to an OEM customer, who then builds a working compressor or compressed air application onboard.ENDURO rotary screw air ends, TEMPEST integrated air ends or CT compressor packages are not capable of operating as such, but always require machine building to make them a part of a working compressor or compressed air system. For example, ENDURO air ends need a lot of building around them to become a working compressor. TEMPEST integrated air ends offer efficient and compact solutions for oil sump and separation from air with a residual oil content less than 3 mg/m3 in the air (aerosols), even in steep operational tilting angles. A CT package on the other hand, needs only the starter to become a working compressor. However, often CT customers also equip them with their own measuring sensors and so on. Since the Tamrotor OEM products cannot be used as such without integration, the OEM is always liable for their end product and that its documentation meets the industry standards, local laws and regulations. All Tamrotor OEM products are made in accordance to EC machinery directive.

Tamrotor is very strong in the following OEM customer segments:

  • Industrial and portable compressor packagers / construction,
  • Tunneling and rock drilling equipment manufacturers / train compressor manufacturers,
  • CAFS fire-fighting equipment,
  • heavy duty service vehicles, and
  • off-shore.

Tamrotor products are based on a single-stage oil-injected screw compressor technology, which means that air is compressed in one stage from intake to discharge pressure. The oil is injected into the air end primarily to cool down the heat generated in the compression, seal the running clearances inside the air end (thus improving the efficiency), and lubricate the bearings through internal bores. Tamrotor OEM products are suitable for the pressure range 3-13 bar and air flow range 500 l / min - 74 m3 / min.

Why choose Tamrotor?

For us, it is crucial to have a close customer relationship with our OEM customers. In the best case, we are able to take part in our customers' new product development processes that include compressed air systems or parts of it, and where special expertise and compressed air know-how is needed. We value long-term cooperation. We are loyal to our OEM customers, highlighting the continuity of cooperation after the sale of the first equipment. We know that reliability cannot be bought with credit, but instead it needs to be earned beforehand. Therefore, it is our honor to support our OEM customers with technical and business issues.


One sign of our long-term commitment is that we always redirect the spare part inquiries to the original seller of the compressor or the equipment that has the air system onboard. We do not bypass our OEM’s aftermarket channels, but instead respect their own aims to build a trustworthy technical support and spare parts service around their own product offering. We have a life-time commitment to provide the major spare parts until 10 years after the production of the product has ended.


Tamrotor has been in the compressor business for over 50 years. In addition to the air end manufacturing, we manufacture industrial and marine compressor packages, which gives us even broader experience in building compressors and compressed air stations. This special expertise we offer to benefit our OEM customers. Tamrotor will continue to be known for its reliability, both in the functionality and endurance of the products, and promptly responding to customer service.


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