Small Air Dryer

High-Performance Dryers For Light Industry 

  • What does an air system look like & why do you need an air dryer? 
  • What do you need to consider when choosing an air dryer? 
  • Take a look at Ingersoll Rand’s expert small air dryers for light industry!

Ingersoll Rand offers a variety of air compressor products to ensure that your operation stays productive and your costs stay down; this includes small air dryers to enhance your light industrial air system. 

What Does An Air System Look Like?


In-Line Filter: These filters are in place to reduce contamination in your air stream to help protect critical processes and valuable equipment.

Dryer: Air dryers are an essential part of your system, as they remove excess moisture to prevent equipment and tool damage.

PacE Flow Controller: These manage fluctuating pressure to enable compressed air systems to operate efficiently and protect pneumatic and air tools.

Now we've looked at how your equipment works together in the bigger picture, let's take a look at why air dryers are so important within your system, especially for light industrial applications.


Why You Need A Dryer?

As mentioned above, dryers are vital for the performance and efficiency of your compressor system. This is because the dryers remove water from compressed air, which helps to ensure a high-quality operation and your peace of mind. By removing water they also help to prevent system rust and corrosion, point-of-use tool damage and product contamination. This is especially important in a light industrial setting, where goods often go directly to customers, meaning they need to be consumer-safe as soon as they leave your facility, particularly if they are food items or complex machinery.


What Does A Dryer Do?

As discussed above, the primary purpose of dryers is to support your system by removing water from compressed air so your equipment runs smoothly and lasts longer, but how do they achieve this?

Drying Air Step 1: Warm compressed air containing water vapor enters the dryer

Drying Air Step 2: The compressed air is cooled; condensation (water) forms and is separated from the air

Drying Air Step 3: The water is removed from the dryer through a drain


Tips For Selecting A Dryer:

Selecting a solution that works for your exact light industrial applications, whether that may be food processing, textiles, vehicle, machinery, or consumer goods, can be challenging, which is why we've put together a list of the basics you need to know to specify a dryer:


Max Flow Rate: This is the worst-case amount of air you need, measured in scfm.

Pressure: What is the inlet pressure, measured in psi.

Inlet and Ambient Temperature: The cooler the air is, the easier it will be to remove water.
These factors are important to consider, as underspecifying could lead to equipment damage and contamination, and over-specifying will waste money and energy.


Ingersoll Rand's Expert Small Air Dryers For Light Industry:

At Ingersoll Rand, we offer a dryer for any application! For any business, our dryers provide clean, dry air that will improve your bottom line! So, let's take a look…

D42IN Dryer:

Our efficient D42IN air dryer is ideal for light industrial applications, with a power and flow rate that suits the less demanding energy needs of this sector in comparison to heavy industrial whilst still offering optimum performance. It's comprised of long-lasting, corrosion-resistant components that ensure a reliable air supply efficient operation to reduce energy use and extend equipment life.


D42IN Dryer Controller:

The perfect companion to our D42IN compressor dryer is our easy-to-use controller that lets you adjust and manage your dryer effectively. With a simple, user-friendly interface, you can easily change display parameters and adjust dryer and drain valve settings as seasons change. This allows you to effectively support and manage your dryer to give you complete peace of mind!

Interested? For more information on our available small air dryers for light industry, please feel free to contact us here