Oil-Flooded Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Ingersoll Rand oil-flooded rotary screw air compressors offer businesses the very best combination of time-proven designs and technologies plus new, advanced features that ensure the highest levels of reliability, efficiency, and productivity available


Created using our design expertise, many of our screw compressors are available with variable speed drives and an intuitive user interface. At Ingersoll Rand, we not only provide world-class products and support, but also the peace of mind that comes from our commitment to stand behind our customers in all aspects of what we do.

What Is a Rotary Screw Compressor?

A rotary screw compressor features two meshed rotors that trap air between them and reduce its volume. This process generates compressed air for various industrial and manufacturing purposes. The machine contains two helical-shaped rotary screws, which are positive displacement mechanisms that produce compressed air in a continuous, sweeping motion.

Rotary screw compressors produce less pulsation than reciprocating/piston compressors and other versions. They provide massive volumes of compressed air and can function well in all types of weather conditions. These compressors also offer excellent energy efficiency and are easy to maintain.


What Is an Oil-Flooded Air Compressor?

Rotary screw air compressors can be oil-flooded or oil-free. An oil-flooded version uses oil to lubricate and seal the rotors on the air-end, enabling them to generate high pressure quickly and deliver compressed air in a single stage. The oil separates from the air before leaving the system. The air then recycles into the air-end for another use.


How Does an Oil-Flooded Air Compressor Work?

Oil-flooded air compressors use lubricating oil that enters the space between the two rotor screws, producing a hydraulic seal and transferring mechanical energy from the driving to the driven rotor. Air enters the air-end of the rotor from the suction side and moves through the vanes as the screws rotate. The rotors force oil and air through the air-end, causing the air to exit at the end of the screws. The air and oil then separate, and the air is cooled, filtered and routed back into the air-end.


What Are the Types of Oil-Flooded Air Compressors?

Examples of the various types of rotary screw oil-flooded air compressors available from Ingersoll Rand include:

  • R-Series: These compressors feature a compact design that can fit into just about any work environment. They deliver optimum compressed air performance with minimal maintenance requirements.
  • UP6 4-11: This compressor series provides exceptional value without sacrificing reliability. Contact-cooled air compressors are highly efficient, easy to operate and safe. The smart component integration prevents unexpected pressure drops and leaks, resulting in reliable, long-lasting performance.
  • Next Generation R-Series: These advanced compressors feature a rugged, dependable air-end that maximizes efficiency and airflow. The advanced V-Shield technology delivers a totally integrated design that prevents oil leaks. Plus, the quick, easy accessibility simplifies the service and maintenance processes.
  • SSR: These two-stage oil-flooded air compressors combine excellent energy efficiency with maximum reliability. The fingertip access ensures precise control of the machine, while the onboard diagnostics save time and deliver enhanced operating capabilities.


Oil-Flooded Air Compressor Industrial Applications

Rotary screw compressors can provide a reliable, cost-effective compressed air solution for companies in a wide range of industries. Unlike reciprocating/piston air compressors, which are better suited for intermittent applications, oil-flooded air compressors can withstand the rigors of continuous use. They can meet the heavy demands of 24/7 operations where a constant supply of compressed air is crucial for keeping equipment and machinery functioning without lengthy interruptions that cause unproductive downtime.

Examples of industries that can benefit from these compressors include general manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, mining and process, as well as food and beverage and many others. If your operation could benefit from a rotary screw compressor, browse our product pages or contact our team for assistance.


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