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Compresseurs d’air à piston

Ingersoll Rand a maintenu un équilibre délicat entre les performances connues et le développement de nouvelles technologies pour fabriquer des compresseurs d'air alternatifs de classe mondiale.


Grâce à leur conception éprouvée et à leur remarquable historique, la famille de compresseurs alternatifs d'Ingersoll Rand a acquis une réputation mondiale pour ses performances fiables permettant d'économiser de l'argent et d'améliorer la réussite commerciale à travers : Des coûts de cycle de vie plus réduits ; la capacité de fonctionner correctement dans des applications exigeantes ; des configurations répondant à divers besoins ; des solutions optimales pour une meilleure efficacité ; notre expérience cumulée de la manière dont les préférences, les besoins et l'utilisation de différents utilisateurs de compresseur nous ont appris ce qui importe pour eux.



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What Is a Reciprocating Air Compressor?

Reciprocating air compressors, also known as piston air compressors, operate via positive displacement. In a typical piston compressor configuration, consisting of two stainless steel valve discs and a valve system, the piston moves downward and pulls air into a cylinder. The larger of the two discs flexes, allowing the air to pass through. The piston then moves upward, causing the larger disc to flex and form a seal against the valve seat. This process forces compressed air through a hole in the valve seat.


What Is the Difference Between a Reciprocating Compressor and Other Compressor Types?

Reciprocating units offer several advantages over other compressor types:


  • Flexibility: Reciprocating machines provide a versatile compressed air solution. They're available in oil-flooded and oil-free versions, with the latter providing benefits, such as compact sizes and the lack of need for manual lubrication. Oil-free equipment can also be tank-mounted or base-mounted, providing numerous placement options.
  • High pressure: These compressors can deliver a pressure range of up to 5,000 pounds per square inch gauge (psig), making them a better choice than other equipment types for high-pressure compressed air applications.
  • Efficiency: A piston air compressor can deliver high-pressure compressed air without consuming excessive amounts of energy. This combination can yield excellent results without straining a company's budget. It also makes them a perfect choice for applications requiring intermittent compressed air.
  • Durability: Although the upfront cost of a reciprocating air compressor is typically higher than the other types, it provides superior longevity. A well-maintained piston air compressor will last even longer, increasing the time between equipment replacements and maximizing your return on investment.
  • Low installation costs: A reciprocating air compressor costs less to set up and install than other types, which is an important consideration for companies on a tight budget or are adding multiple units at once.

Types of Reciprocating Air Compressors

As a leading manufacturer of compressed air equipment for a wide range of industries, Ingersoll Rand can provide the right reciprocating air compressor for your company's needs and budget. Our product range includes variations of our…

Single Stage Reciprocating Compressor

Our 3 and 5 up single stage solutions are perfect for anything from do-it-yourself projects to professional use as they are equipment that is designed to thrive in any environment, due to their advanced safety features and easy operation. For more demanding applications, they are fully equipped with high pressure operation up to 135 psig and a 60 gallon vertical ASME receiver tank, making Ingersoll Rand the ideal choice for flexibility and high quality performance.

Single Stage Reciprocating Compressor
Two-Stage Reciprocating Compressor

Two-Stage Reciprocating Compressor

Consisting of multiple models with varying horsepower, our two-stage reciprocating range is designed for heavy shop or industrial use, made easy with our electric driven system, all the way to applications where available power doesn’t allow for a single larger compressor, exactly where our electric duplex model will offer the results you need. They are built to be durable, reliable and have a compact design to allow them to be used flexibly for a range of applications. For both of our two-stage solutions, we also offer a two-year warranty with the purchase of our All-Season Select lubricant start-up kit.

Pressure Lubricated Reciprocating Compressor

Our pressure lubricated reciprocating compressors are designed to withstand even the most demanding industrial environments as the solid cast-iron construction of the head, crankcase, cylinders, and deep-finned inner coolers facilitate durability and reliability. By reducing friction through innovative pressure lubrication technology we are able to provide a solution with reduced downtime and an extended life, promising highly efficient results to keep you moving forward.

Pressure Lubricated Reciprocating Compressor
High Pressure Reciprocating Compressor

High Pressure Reciprocating Compressor

By using the same durable technology found in all of our two-stage reciprocating compressors, at Ingersoll Rand we have produced highly efficient solutions with base-mounted piston technology that can provide pressure as high as 5,000 psig (345 barg). These systems are typically used for applications such as: refuelling stations, PBM, power plants and engine starting.

Oil-Less Reciprocating Compressor

We understand the importance of air purity, which is why it is the driving force behind our oil-free system. This solution combines 100% oil-less operation with quality, reliability and robust, durable components to provide a trusted service and low maintenance costs.

We believe that research and testing is key to producing high quality, efficient solutions which is why our portfolio of reciprocating compressors have been thoroughly put through their paces to ensure you are receiving the best service possible. As a system which can be incorporated into commercial and industrial applications, the consistency, reliability and durability of this range has been at the forefront of innovating these products – to us, flexibility should be confirmed and promised with every purchase made.

Oil-Less Reciprocating Compressor

Reciprocating Air Compressor Industries and Applications

Reciprocating/piston air compressors have multiple uses across a broad spectrum of industries:


  • Automotive: Use these compressors to power the various pneumatic tools, body and sanding machines, and paint spraying equipment used in automotive repair shops.
  • Construction: The construction industry relies on compressed air to operate a wide range of power tools and equipment, such as nail guns, drills, and hammers. Portable reciprocating air compressors can provide a mobile solution at remote job sites.
  • Agriculture: Farming operations need compressed air for numerous applications. Examples include powering dairy machines, spraying crops with pesticides or fertilizer, providing ventilation in greenhouses or hydroponic growing systems, and running the conveyors that transport grain between silos and other destinations.
  • Manufacturing: The manufacturing industry uses air compressors to operate everything from welding and cutting equipment to production monitoring devices, automated machinery, and much more.
  • Metalworking: This industry uses compressed air to power blast furnaces for iron and steel production. Metalworkers also use compressed air to power various tools like pneumatic conveyors and air nozzles.
  • Woodworking: Much like metalworking, air compressors power tools like staple guns and spray finishes. Sanding systems also rely on compressors.
  • Distribution centers: Air compressors can power various material handling devices like conveyors and packaging systems.
  • Wastewater treatment: Compressed air is essential for central vacuum systems that dispose of wastewater. It is also used in the desalination process to create potable water.
  • Craft brewing: Processes like bottling, carbonating, and labeling rely on air compressors. Compressed air also clears production lines of water as they run.


If you need assistance choosing the right reciprocating air compressor, reach out to the Ingersoll Rand team for help.


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