Tamrotor proudly presents: our superior oil separation

You probably want your oil lubricated air end to be as efficient and economical as possible but you also want your pressured air as clean as possible. Constant development is one of our principles at Tamrotor and superior oil separation development is one of our passions. About two years ago we launched our new oil separator family for tempest products (TN3 to T25) with new generation oil separator elements.

What does superior oil separation mean for us?

Our ambitious goal has been a smaller pressure loss, reduced oil consumption, and cleaner air. Cleaner air is better for downstream equipment and extends the lifespan of spare parts. Clean pressurized air also has a smaller environmental impact. Our oil separation development aims to reduce energy consumption and improve the efficiency of the compressor. When the oil separator operates with a lower pressure difference, the power consumption of the drive motor is reduced. We have developed oil separator elements that operate perfectly with smaller capacity compressors but also with the maximum capacities. 

How do we do it?

In the past, we had two different oil separator elements: for baseload and for variable speed to meet the best oil separation result with all capacities the compressor delivered. With the new design, we were able to combine these two products and still achieve lower oil consumption with all capacities. Lower oil consumption also helps us to reduce the amount of needed maintenance spare parts. Our oil separation is a three-stage system that provides superior oil separation compared to other oil-lubricated screw compressors on the market. This results in an oil carryover of less than 3.0 mg/m³.

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