Major Beverage Bottler reduces CO2 footprint and operating costs with Ingersoll Rand 

At Ingersoll Rand, we understand that our customers across all industries are becoming increasingly conscious about finding ways to reduce their operating costs and reach their sustainability goals. We believe that the key to achieving this is through maximizing the energy efficiency of your compressed air installation with ultra-efficient compressors and energy-saving solutions like energy recovery units. Our innovative systems help you to drastically improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your compressor system by helping you save energy up-front while also allowing you to recapture energy that would otherwise be wasted as heat. 


Through expert partnership, we recently helped a major beverage bottler meet their sustainability goals, reduce operating expenses and protect their brand with 100% Class 0 oil-free air. All of this was made possible thanks to the strategic planning and expert partnership. 


So, how did we do it? 

Our partnership with this major beverage bottler began with a full system audit of their manufacturing process. Based on the data collected during the review, our experts recommended replacement of their existing compressed air installation, as the bottler wanted the most energy-efficient system possible. Their overall goal was to reduce their CO2 footprint and operating costs. We suggested a carefully scoped replacement of existing equipment with new air compressors that offered best-in-class efficiency to achieve the best and most significant gains in both sustainability and efficiency.  


After listening to their needs and long-term objectives, we suggested that in addition to compressed air equipment, they would also benefit from our energy recovery systems. This would allow them to utilize heat that would otherwise be wasted, helping to further reach their sustainability goals and drive down operating costs even more. With their approval, our team of compressed air experts got to work! 


The Results: 

Within the first year, this major beverage bottler saw a 25% decrease in their CO2 footprint in their production lines, which was directly attributed to the new installation. This dramatic reduction has put them on an excellent path towards achieving their long-term sustainability goals. Not only this, their new installation has transformed the energy efficiency and performance of their compressors, reducing energy costs and overall operating costs. 


Not just a manufacturer or supplier but a partner in compressed air... 

Our relationship with this major beverage bottling company didn't end there. When we began working with them, they described wanting a complete partner that could not just supply them with compressed air equipment, but also take responsibility for maintenance and servicing. They wanted a partner that they could remain in open discussion with, asking questions about technical, safety or operational matters and who they could trust for reliable, high-quality answers. Luckily for them, Ingersoll Rand prides itself on valuing our customers and being a complete partner in both products and service! We didn't just supply the compressed air equipment; we provided them with total system support, including the design, installation and monitoring, but also thorough consultation and trouble-shooting.  


The new installation was such a success for the customer that they later decided to also entrust the maintenance of all of their compressed air equipment to Ingersoll Rand through a PackageCARE agreement. They now describe our relationship as a ''partnership'' in technical solutions, servicing and support, claiming that we were the only partner that could deliver ''the complete package''. It just goes to show that you can rely on Ingersoll Rand as a one-stop solution for all of your compressed air needs!  


For more information on how we can help you improve your energy efficiency and reduce your operating costs, please click here to get in touch with one of our compressed air experts.