Tamrotor proudly presents: new fully integrated & compact compressor package

We have launched a new member to our self-contained compressor package series (CT series). The new product is called CTN4DH-W (between us friends CTN4) and it's available now!


We are committed to making our customers successful and producing reliable and energy-efficient solutions. We collect customer feedback constantly, pay attention to recurrent trends and start implementing products from a customer basis. Also with the new CTN4, product development started from the customer needs. However, we know that OEM customers have their own needs and the key is to identify features that are relevant for several applications. We have several partners who are focused on mobile applications which constantly demand a smaller footprint and more exceptional durability. New CTN4 is designed in Finland with long-standing expertise and close cooperation with our sales and manufacturing.


CTN4DH-W & what's new?

CTN4 is our first fully integrated compressor package. Before our CTs have been a combination of tempest (for oil separation) and air end. Our new feisty CT has everything inside the same compact uniform casting which makes the structure extremely durable. It also minimizes the risk of component failures and oil leaks which can cause environmental disadvantages. It’s equipped with a plate heat exchanger and it’s suitable for water and coolants. Air-cooled versions coming soon!


Like our other compressors, CTN4 also likes hard use, and the more you use it, the better. They're suitable for 24/7/365 running and with regular maintenance they're long-lasting, reliable, and loyal partners which keep your application running in the most demanding environments.


Key facts

• 0,7 - 2,3 m3/min airflow

• 8 - 20 kW shaft power

• 5 – 13 bar(g) operational pressure-ranges

• Max. operational tilting angle 10o

• Max. residual oil content in compressed air 5 mg/m3 in aerosol form



• Compact, efficient package

• Cost-effective

• One uniform casting - solid, durable, and quieter

• Less sealing surfaces - minimized risk of oil spills and emissions

• Tilting ankle allows operation also when tilted

• Efficient air separation, residual oil less than 5 mg in aerosol form

• Suitable for 24/7/365 running

• Cleaner air with the superior oil separation of Tempest

Who will love the new CT

Like other CT compressors, the new CTN4 provides an ideal and cost-effective solution for several mobile applications, for example, mining, construction, CAFS, and transport. CTN can be equipped with the control system, which makes it applicable to even more applications - so basically CTN4 is a perfect match from very specific mobile applications to industrial stationary compressors and many more in between.


Already excited? Us too! We are happy to tell you more and discuss how your application could benefit from CTN4!