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Distribution Center

The rising consumer demand and tough expectations around fast, and reliable delivery mean no distribution center can afford to waste time… on anything.  This includes the equipment used to power a variety of essential equipment.  While compressed air might not be top of mind on a daily basis, when it fails or delivers sub-par performance, it creates costly waste and productivity losses.


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Compressed Air Applications for Distribution Centers

Ingersoll Rand has extensive knowledge in designing and delivering compressed air systems to meet the unique needs of in-house distribution capabilities as well as large retail fulfillment hubs. These insights and best practices are now available for you via our new whitepaper “Compressed Air Applications for Distribution Centers”


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Air Compressor, Parts and Accessories for Distribution Centers

Compressed air is used in a variety of applications within distribution and fulfillment center operations including: packaging machines, pneumatic conveyance and dock loading levelers. These critical processes require reliable supply of clean air to ensure uptime and optimized productivity.

While many focus solely on the air compressor itself, it is important to consider the entire air system that impacts efficiency, reliability and durability.


Air Compressor Options

Reciprocating Compressors:

Your compressed air system should give you more time to focus on your business, not less. That’s why Ingersoll Rand single- and two-stage reciprocating air compressors are an ideal choice for applications that demand a reliable air supply for everyday use. Robust components, easy access for servicing, 100% continuous duty and a wide variety of sizes and configurations that's Legendary Performance!


Rotary Screw Compressors:

Every component in our oil-flooded compressor system supports maximum reliability for increased productivity, longer equipment life, lower operating costs and higher profitability.  Advanced airend and drive component design provide world-class specific power and best-in-class air flow, resulting in reduced energy use.


Air Treatment Solutions

Air Dryers:

There are several harmful effects of contaminants in compressed air which can affect the production efficiency (pressure losses, spoilt product, down-time). For this reason, Ingersoll Rand has designed a specific range of air treatment components to provide clean, dry compressed air. This wide range of air treatment equipment includes: refrigerated and desiccant dryers.


Air Filtration:

Without effective filtration, products and processes that depend on compressed air are subject to increased scrap, poor quality and additional maintenance. Ingersoll Rand F-Series filters address these issues, helping to assure your compressed air system delivers clean, high-quality air throughout your facility.


Condensate Management:

By minimizing the cost associated with the disposal of fluids and keeping them out of the environment, PolySep Oil Water Separators help you to stay compliant with environmental regulations. The PolySep is also designed to operate with minimal maintenance or downtime, resulting in no mess or overflow.


Air Delivery Systems

A piping system with cleaner interior surfaces helps promote the smooth, laminar flow of the fluid it transports, reducing turbulence and associated pressure losses. The Simplair® system’s marine-grade aluminum construction provides superior corrosion resistance to keep pipe interior surfaces free of the oxidation-based contamination that can occur with steel systems — contamination that can not only cause turbulence and pressure loss, but also cause problems if corrosion-related debris enters sensitive equipment.


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