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Pressure and Vacuum Solutions for Electric Vehicle Battery Manufacturing

Covering Your Pressure and Vacuum Needs in EV Batteries Manufacturing

Global Trends

The global electric vehicle market continues to experience exponential growth, stimulated by factors such as mounting environmental concerns and buoyed by technological advancements that are making green vehicles an increasingly viable and driver friendly alternative. With its features of high energy density ratio, no memory effect and low self-discharge, lithium batteries are ideal to be used in electric vehicles. A number of the world’s largest carmakers have already expanded into this nascent sector with many others, if not all, expected to do so in the near future.


Select the Right Compressed Air System Design

Defined by constantly increasing competition as the demand for green vehicles grows, EV battery manufacturing is a highly demanding industrial application in which success largely depends on the quality, efficiency and reliability of the used equipment, including the compressed air system elements. Among the key factors to consider when designing your compressed air system are:


  • Maximized uptime
  • The total cost of ownership and the investment payback time
  • Optimal redundancy
  • Capacity flexibility
  • Compressed air quality


Get Your Compressed Air System Right with Ingersoll Rand!

With compressed air playing a key role in electric vehicle battery manufacturing, selecting the right compressed air system technology that will best meet your specific process requirements is of the utmost importance, as is reliance on an experienced supplier able to provide you with various types of compressors and ancillary system elements depending on your unique application needs.

Both oil-free and oil-lubricated compressors are commonly used in the electric vehicle battery manufacturing industry, with producers often making the decision based on their past usage habits. However, choosing between the two compressor types requires taking several important considerations into account as both technologies have their pros and cons.
Battery manufacturers need to think about criteria ranging from initial acquisition costs versus total cost of ownership through maintenance requirements and downstream air network provisions to air contamination risks and environmental impact. An experienced provider of pressure and vacuum solutions for battery factories will guide you through this difficult selection process.

Relying on a proven provider of pressure and vacuum solutions able to deliver a total customized compressed air system design is key to having success in the electric vehicle battery manufacturing industry. With its comprehensive portfolio of products for the sector and unrivaled engineering capabilities, Ingersoll Rand has extensive experience in supporting major EV battery producers.

Designing a reliable and efficient compressed air system that will power your electric vehicle battery plant requires ample technical know-how and extensive experience in the industry. A number of crucial equipment choices need to be made to select the right system configuration that will best meet your specific process needs.


Let Ingersoll Rand Power Your Battery Plant!

In recent years, Ingersoll Rand has been involved in a number of large electric vehicle battery plant development projects around the world, with dominant players in this rapidly growing industry.

Partnering with a trusted and experienced industry leader capable of offering a wide range of solutions tailored to your specific application requirements is the key to success in the sector. See how cooperating with Ingersoll Rand can allow you to obtain everything you need to meet your EV battery factory’s compressed air demand from a single source – a benefit that a number of leading producers have taken advantage of in recent years.



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