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Air Compressors for the Electronics Industry

The electronics industry is heavily dependent on the continuous supply of high-quality compressed air being delivered to point of use in the production processes. 100% oil-free air is vital for manufacturing electronics, which is why ensuring you have uninterrupted, contamination-free air flowing through your compressed air equipment is so important. Our oil-free solutions make this easy while helping you to save energy & ensure product quality!

Oil-Free Compressed Air - The Highest Quality Guaranteed

Productivity and product quality are two very important factors within this industry, both of which are dependent on the reliable, continuous delivery of high-quality air that adheres to stringent ISO Class 0 standards. Our oil-free systems meet ISO 8573-01:2010 standards to avoid risk of contamination in the downstream installation and point-of-use. This also means they are able to deliver the highest quality of compressed air for your needs!

Oil-Free Compressed Air - The Highest Quality Guaranteed

Maximize Energy Efficiency & Ensure Product Quality With Oil-Free Air


Product defects have a detrimental effect on your productivity and reputation, resulting in lost revenue and increases in operational costs. Therefore it is vital you can rely on your compressor. This is where Ingersoll Rand comes in. Our oil-free solutions ensure 100% clean air whilst also helping you achieve optimum product quality. This maximizes your production efficiency, which reduces your costs and allows you to operate more sustainably!


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Reliable & Energy Efficient Class 0 Air

We offer oil-free equipment ideal for electronic manufacturing processes, including our E-Series oil-free rotary, centrifugal & oil-free scroll models.



Reliable Oil-Free Air Compressors For Electronic Manufacturing


Compressed air plays a fundamental role in electronics manufacturing for semiconductor assembly, printed circuit boards (PCB), electronic components manufacturing, flat screen and display manufacturing and fuel cell production. All of these processes require 100% oil-free, Class 0 air.

Reliable Oil-Free Air Compressors
Reliable Oil-Free Air Compressors For Electronic Manufacturing



Ingersoll Rand's oil-free compressed air equipment provides 100% oil-free air in accordance with ISO 8573-01:2010 standards, which is necessary for a range of electronic manufacturing process requirements. Our solutions focus on ensuring optimum air quality and purity, as well as a low-pressure point (resulting in moisture-free air), which we know are crucial criteria within the electronics industry. Rely on us for a compressor you can trust!

Not only do we offer reliable oil-free air compressors for electronics manufacturing, but we also offer other useful equipment to enhance your compressed air system. This includes condensate management solutions, air treatment solutions, in-line filtration equipment as well as rental services and bespoke maintenance plans. Choose Ingersoll Rand as your trusted partner for the whole compressed air package!


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